Tracking mobile phone with the help of IMEI number – Steps to follow


Do you know that every cell phone has an IMEI number which is unique in its own way? This IMEI number can be located by means of right software. It helps police to find a cell phone that has been stolen with the help of service provider. Your service provider has every right to block your cell phone from working further in order to ensure that you are not being charged for the phone calls made by the thief. You may visit to find mobile phones and laptops.

Role Of Tourism In Nation’s Revenue

The tourism is not a confined term to any region or government now since all the nations are started to contribute for tourism. The major reason behind the sudden turn in tourism is the international effort taken towards tourism to promote the revenue as well as national importance. With major credits gone to international regulation, the efforts at domestic level should be seriously supported for a good cause and well-being of the people.

An Overview of Online CRM Tools and Its Customers


Can an online business that wants to venture into the e-commerce eco-system actually survive without a proper CRM? The answer, in the final days of 2014 is as loud as clear: No. With competition rising and companies trying to reinvent the way leads turn into customers, new and returning alike, there is no better moment than to give CRM a proper shot. This is an overview of online customer relationship management tools and the profile of companies willing to spend an extra dollar just so they can get closer to potential and existing customers.

CRM Tools to Choose From

First off, let’s start with what choicesdo businesses have. Depending on the direction of business, you can choose between 4 major types of CRM tools:

  1. The Leaders – oldest CRM software on the market, they cover business needs on an international scale, hold market shares and scalable, measurable data-driven results. Top 3: SalesForce, Nimble, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  2. The High Performance – almost matchable to the Leaders in terms of performance, satisfaction, reliability, however they do not hold market shares or enough data. Top 3: PipelineDeals, Workbooks, Salesnet.
  3. The Contenders – highly valuable resources and options, great performance, however they lack data-driven results and the user list is relatively low. Top 3: Oracle CRM, SAP CRM, Sage CRM.
  4. The Niche Vendors – these CRM Tools perform extraordinary, however they are limited to regional factors (language, tools, indicators etc). Top 3: Zoho CRM, ACT!, Goldmine.

User Ratings of CRM Tools

The most frequently used CRM tools were rated based on Satisfaction, G2 Score (Score on the G2Crowd review platform), Name, # of Ratings and Market Presence. PrintScreens were taken from the G2Crowd review platform for Satisfaction, G2 Score and Market Presence.



The top 5 most satisfactory CRM tools are: Workbooks (97), followed by Nimble (96), PipelineDeals (95), Salesforce (91) and Salesnet (87). 3 out of 5 tools are from the High Performance group, while the remaining 2 are from the Leaders group. (Image 1)

G2 Score Review


Top 5 most rated CRM tools were SalesForce (88), Nimble (73), Workbooks (70), PipelineDeals (70) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (67). Out of 5 most rated CRM tools, 3 of them belong to the Leaders group, while the other 2 belong to High Performers group. (Image 2)

Market Presence


Top 5 most rated CRM Tools in terms of Market Presence are Salesforce CRM (86), closely followed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM (83), Oracle Siebel (67), SAP CRM (65) and Sage CRM (64). 2 out of 5 tools belong to the Leaders CRM group, while the other 3 belong to the Contenders group. (Image 3)

CRM “Consumers” – Businesses Using CRM Tools

According to UXC Eclipse’s case studies, there are roughly 5 types of businesses that use CRM Tools, and these are:

  • Any business that have a Sales Department and plan to activate in the e-commerce scene. A CRM software will help the sales team to identify customer behaviors, trends, providing assistance in selling, up-selling or cross-selling products, as well as getting closer to closing deals.
  • Any business that have a Marketing consultant. Statistics and data about customers can help a marketer build the campaign and strategy that actually sells.
  • Any business that use online payment systems and accounting tools. Creating quotes or invoices, tracking and performing follow-ups are crucial in keeping the financial health of your organization.
  • Any business that values their customers. Customers are the most valuable asset when striking for success. Keeping your customers happy means being true to your mission and vision and respecting not only those who purchase your goods, but also the brand identity your company has built over the years or months..
  • Any business that values efficiency. Translation of efficiency: work done in less time, with less money spent, using all the available resources. Translation: automation tools such as CRM tools that help save effort, time and money.

Ask yourself where do you stand as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, as a company and as a leader, then choose the most appropriate CRM tool. Remember to respect yourself and your clients more than anything else. Stay away from bad publicity and don’t give satisfaction to your competitors.

Special thanks for UXC Eclipse for providing insightful information related to Customer Relationship Management software and tools. You can read more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM on their blog.

VM Audio VM-WS525-E In-Wall Speakers

IMG_9461The VM Audio VM-WS525-E In-Wall Speakers 150 W of power. The whole speaker measures out to be about 8” x 8”, but the speakers themselves are 5.25”. The square shape of the speakers makes it easy to install into the wall. Also, the small size is great for small rooms or those who do not want to take up space to set up standing speakers that take up a lot of room (like the ones I have in the main room).

Sound quality is great. The internal bass offers some good thumping, but I would still recommend a subwoofer to get some extra thump. The sound is clear, and there was separation of instruments so they did not sound all muddled together.

These speakers are great for playing movies, video games, music, and more. The speakers give off the movie theater experience because the surround sound feature makes the sound fill the whole room. The same effect works great for playing video games and listening to music.

The in-wall speakers provide quality sound without the extra space unlike many other speaker sets. There is not a lot of space in my den area where I spend a majority of my time so the ability to provide great sound without taking up any space it great. I am able to enjoy full fledge sound that I was missing before.

This product was provided as a sample for review purposes.


Mobikwik – One of the Fastest Payment Options Available on the Internet


We have hundreds of web applications to recharge mobile online or DTH currently but which is the best? So I am writing this review after usingfew of the so called best apps in the market. I found mobikwik to be the best application in recharge market being the regular user for a year and here you know why. I use it regularly for BSNL online recharge.

Quick and Dirty Local SEO Tips


Local SEO certainly does not get the respect that it should. Most websites are set up to reach people regionally, nationally and even globally, but they may miss out on customers that are right next to them. Local search engine optimization (SEO) can bring new customers your way. Here’s how to make that happen.

uNu Aero Series Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S

IMG_9232The uNu Aero Series case is unique because it comes with a charging mat for wireless charging. The case comes in black or white, and retails for 99.95 on uNu’s website (link) or check it out on Amazon for $59.99 (link). The Aero Series case was sent out for review.

The battery case is a two piece case that opens at the front of the case to insert the phone for charging. The case has 2000 mAh of battery, which can charge the iPhone 5S (1,350 mAh) about 1.5 times. This is great when you are on-the-go and constantly using your phone.

The power and volume buttons are covered but still easy to press. The camera and mute/orientation lock button areas are open, and easy to access. The 3.5 mm port is recessed in the case so some 3.5 mm jacks may not fit into the case, but uNu includes an adapter to plug into the case. The adapter is silver plated, and the cable is thin so it may fray easily. Also, the adapter is small so it can be easy to lose or forget to bring with you. The case charges via microUSB, and a port is located at the bottom of the case. A microUSB cable is included for charging. On the back of the case is the on/off switch to turn on the battery case, which also doubles as the LED indicator button. The blue LEDs on the back indicate how much battery power is left in the case (25% for each LED, so two LED equates to 25-50% battery power left). Also on the back is the conductive parts for wireless charging with the mat.

The wireless charging feature occurs with the charging mat. It is a lightweight, thin, plastic, but durable mat. The mat has a large surface area so charging the case is easy. The two conductive parts on the back of battery case only need to touch the mat for charging to begin. The case can be set on the mat at extreme angles and charging will still occur (see video for details). The iPhone charges up to 100% first, before the case is charged. The phone and case may charge simultaneously, but the main priority is to fully charge the phone before the case. If you do not want to use the wireless charging feature, you can directly charge the battery case with the microUSB cable.

The case is not too bulky for a battery case, which is great for carrying around in one’s pocket or bag. Also, the case is simple and sleek so it fits in with all occasions. The case has great grip. The matte finish on the case does not show any fingerprints.

When sliding the phone into the case, one has to lift the phone slightly to slide it into the lightning connector piece of the case. Also, it takes some work to put the front piece of the case back into place. You have to check all around the case to make sure the two pieces are flush because the two piece hold the phone in place.

The uNu Aero Series case is a great battery case. The wireless charging feature is great for easy access to one’s phone when it is charging. The battery case is not too bulky so I could see myself using it as an everyday case. I would recommend this case to anyone looking for a battery case that does its job as a battery case and adds in some nice features (wireless charging).