A Panic Button Went Off With The News Of Hummingbird: Was That Really Required???


The latest gift that Google has on offer is Hummingbird, the search algorithm that does a thorough search for the queries you approach Google with. There are several illusions and delusions that are doing the rounds and showering less-informed people with loads of wrong information. There is one way out of such locked container of ignorance. A comparative analysis of the information available can disperse the cloud of confusion a bit.

Reasons to Have a Good design for Mobile Friendly Website


As today’s people are more becoming mobile and gadget centric, they are using mobile devices to access internet.  They Google for things by using their mobile and visit their favorite website. Tablet devices like iPhone, iPad, Samsung Tab etc have brought a revolution in the mobile internet world. The craze for mobile internet has been found even in the urban part of the world.

Cloud Hosting and Its Benefits


Cloud hosting is a very popular term for those who are in the business of server management or who run websites. There are many kinds of hosting available in the field of hosting management; cloud hosting is one of them and it is quite a popular one. The term refers to a form of clustered hosting, which is generally delivered from a network of several connected servers. These servers can be located in the same data centers; however, in most cases, they are located in various data centers all across the globe. It makes the clients able to host their sites in a more consistent and scalable manner.

How do I begin selling online?


Many small business owners have found success any off-line marketing world and are looking to expand cells by moving online. However, there is no such thing as a one-stop shop handbook that describes how to create a viable online business that customers will actually patronize. There are many steps involved; however, perhaps the most important step is to have the correct online store software on your side.

Destressing: 5 Online Games You’ll Love to Play

Destress This Mess

When you’re feeling worn-down, pressured, and stressed, sometimes the best thing to do is to turn away from the source of strain and let your mind relax. That’s what’s so great about online games. They’re quick, they’re easy to get access to, and they’re fun snippets of entertainment to take you away from your stress for a few minutes at a time. Let’s take a look at a few of the most interesting, stress-reducing games on the Internet today.


One of the more unusual trends in online gaming today is the rise of the idle game. Idle games are designed to work with minimal player input, allowing the player to enjoy the pure satisfaction of watching numbers rise and circumstances get more complex with every decision. Idleplex is six different idle games in one, asking players to build a massive tapestry of windows filled with one of six different mini-games.

What starts as a slow and silly game of keeping a bouncing goat in the air quickly evolves into a wall of wild, partially self-playing games where you rack up money for upgrades by the millions per second. Idleplex even has a convenient button to make it look like you’re working on a spreadsheet so you won’t get caught de-stressing at the office.

Robot Unicorn Attack

The “endless running” genre may have started with classics like Canabalt and gotten famous with mobile games like Temple Run, but few running games are as charming and addictive as Robot Unicorn Attack. This Adult Swim invention is ground zero for extreme irony, tasking players with navigating a magical land of floating platforms in the role of the titular mythological creature.

Crash through stars, capture butterflies and enjoy the 1980s synth pop of “Always” by Erasure in the weirdest quest for a high score ever. There are also variations on the original, including a delightfully dark “death metal” version, a mobile-only sequel, and an extra-challenging version that has the original unicorn transforming into other creatures.

Plants vs. Zombies

Sure, the supply of zombie-themed games is an endless horde, shambling through every genre looking for new games to devour, but this one is special. Plants vs. Zombies has a simple premise but deep gameplay, pitting the two forces against one another in a lane defense model for the ages.

There’s a single-player challenge mode, a multiplayer adventure mode, and a puzzle mode that’s good for fans of Bejeweled. It’s silly, it’s creative and it’s a must-play for those who get a lot of satisfaction out of besting greater and greater challenges. And when you’re ready for a new wave, a mobile-only sequel hit the market in 2013.


While you’re de-stressing, you might as well earn a little cash on the side. Some of the best online games are digital adaptations of classic casino games. From slots and roulette to card games and skill tests, these games are good for players who don’t have much interest in killing the undead, controlling a cartoon or going on an adventure. There’s a great community out there for dedicated players, the buy-in is usually pretty small and you have the chance to earn some cash besides.


Games don’t just have to be about mindless fun. Quite the contrary; games can actually strengthen your brain while you play. Lumosity is a system containing dozens of games designed to train your memory, reaction time, attention, and problem solving for players of all ages. These games have been proven effective by a variety of international studies, and the scientifically supported program has aims beyond simply entertaining and improving players. Lumosity games are actually advancing the field of cognitive science and making it easier for researchers to build better teaching tools.

Don’t let stress get the best of you. There’s an endless supply of great games online that are great at taking the edge off those high-pressure days. Some will make your brain stronger, some can supplement your income and some are just for fun. Happy gaming and don’t forget to post your high scores.

4 Awesome Job Prospects That Are Expecting Growth


With the unemployment rate at 6.7 percent, you want to make sure you’re headed into a field where your skills are in high demand. While you can expect to see a 10 percent increase in job creation through 2022 in all fields, some careers are more fast-growing than others. Check out these five careers that are expected to grow within the next decade.

Information Technology

With advancing technologies, software companies need more people in their IT department to help manage their technology. While you may help repair computers, ensure a secure network, and improve business efficiency, you can also work building software programs, and the pay is usually really good. A computer software engineer, for instance, makes an average of $87,900 per year. From 2012-2022, jobs are expected to grow by 22 percent, which is much faster than the average field. Given that you need strong computer programming skills, most people enter the field with a bachelor’s degree.

Environmental Sustainability

Now that more companies are turning toward green initiatives, they need people to help them reach their goals. A job in environmental sustainability could involve anything from conducting tests to monitor the environment to developing the technology needed to clean up the environment. You could, for instance, start out as an environmental science and protection technician, where you only need an associate degree and can make over $40,000 per year. Plus, the job outlook for an environmental technician is expected to grow by 19 percent, which is faster than average.

If you want to take your career farther, you can continue your education. Consider going to school online to get your degree and start paving your way toward career success. A master’s could get you a career in environmental engineering, where you could make an average of $81,200 per year with a 10-year job growth of 31 percent, says Money.CNN.com.


As the baby boom generation ages, the nation needs more nurses than ever before, making it an excellent time to get into the field. For one, you’ll make great money, with the average registered nurse (a position that requires a two-year associate’s degree) making more than $65,000 per year, says BLS.gov. The nursing field is expected to grow by 19 percent through 2022, but since there’s already a shortage in nurses, your chances of getting a job are high, with just a 2.6 percent unemployment rate. Other options in the nursing field, such as nurse aides and nurse practitioners, are also in high demand.


There are numerous careers available in financing as people turn towards financial consultants to help them with their business or personal finances. A financial adviser, for instance, makes an average of almost $94,000 per year, and the 10-year job growth expectancy is at 30 percent, says Money.CNN.com. A certified public accountant (CPA) is a fast-growing career, too, with a 22 percent 10-year growth expectancy and an average annual income of $73,800.

Don’t settle on a career that will leave you hanging. Consider entering one of these fast-growing career fields where you can expect growth.

What goes on in my Personal Computer’s Registry?


The registry repair is a phenomenon which will help you keep your computer clean and fast. Registries only come with Windows operating systems. Sad but true that the operating systems don’t come equipped with software to attend to the registry. Not many people know about the intricacies of this thing, which makes a huge difference to a computer system, as well as to the data that it contains. It is one of the most important yet hidden components, in a computer that makes the entire system run smoothly.