All you need to know about driveway alarms

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Whether you live in an urban environment or in the country side, a driveway alarm system is an absolute necessity. Law enforcement guys often state that the reaction time is the most important thing when tackling an intrusion and a driveway alarm system can definitely give you an edge over the intruder.

The Business Benefits of Dark Fibre


Many businesses find themselves thinking about whether they should get a dark fibre solution for their business or not. There are a myriad of different reasons that this could be the best option for them. Companies with the need for higher bandwidth can benefit very quickly and will see a vast improvement in connectivity. Many businesses that are growing at an exponential rate can feel the impact of getting dark fibre almost immediately. Also if your company has an unpredictable need for bandwidth then interfaces can be changed out without coordinating with your carrier.

It Can Keep Costs Down

Bandwidth can cost an arm and a leg and dark fibre can help mitigate these costs. The dark fibre solution allows a business to get unrestricted bandwidth and it will cost the same if you use an absurd amount or just a moderate amount. The bandwidth that your business will be receiving will come at one preset cost and this cost will not rise regardless of how much you use for the month or year. Managing networks more efficiently is worth its weight in gold and dark fibre solutions make the management of these networks more efficient than ever.

It Is More Reliable

Having a network go down for even an hour can be the difference between being in the red or being profitable for a quickly growing company. Dark fibre solutions give you are direct route to your network which is important when it comes to reliability as your business will be the only people on the network. Having other people and businesses on your network slows down things and as most people know, time is money. Companies like Amcom provide dark fibre solutions so your business can be on a reliable and uncrowded network which will optimize bandwidth.

It Is Secure

Dark fibre solutions are one of the most secure networks on the planet for various reasons. One hacker or security breach could leave a business and its customers worried for months or could impact them to a greater extent. Often times a business can lose a customer if their private information is hacked via their vendor’s sites. Being the only customer on the network keeps unwanted people out and keeps the network running quickly. Important things are hacked every day and even giant businesses like Sony in recent months have been the victims of hacking so security is paramount.

Be Able To Use The Latest Tech

Bandwidth plays a role in the newest technology sometimes running slow or crashing on a specific network. With dark fibre solutions this is no longer a problem as the network and bandwidth levels are extremely high and efficient. Without the bandwidth restrictions, this new technology can be used to the company’s advantage. Any advantage a company can have on the competition just by getting the cost efficient dark fibre should be taken.

Dark fibre is the future of business networks and with the digital world growing every day, it has become a no brainer to get. It is secure, reliable, and cost effective so the question begs, what else could a business want?

CHOETECH T514 Pocket Wireless Car Charger

IMG_9556The CHOETECH T514 Pocket Wireless Car Charger provides charging on the go with Qi enabled devices. The product retails for $39.99 on, and was sent out for review.

The T514 is made of PU leather, but has the leather smell and feel to it. The build quality is good as it looks like it can take some damage and still work. The top portion of the pocket has a rubberized metal clip to hang the pocket off of one’s car air vents. Hanging the T514 off of the air vents is not ideal as it covers half of my car’s radio system. On the right side of the pocket is the stretchy material to fit one’s phone and the flat microUSB female adapter. CHOETECH provides a microUSB cable and car charger to power the device.

Many phones can fit in the product, including the iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as it has a wide base. The iPhone 5S was used in this review, and does not have Qi built in so a wireless charging case must be used to utilize the pocket car charger. This limits the cases one can use with the charger. The Okeler Ii100 Wireless Charging Case was also received for usage with the T514, but will only be reviewed in context to the T514. The Ii100 allows for wireless charging, but has limitations. The headphone port cutout is very narrow, and it seems like only the Apple certified headphones fit into the cutout so I had to carry around another case when I was not using the charging capabilities to listen to music.

Charging is simple as soon as the T514 is set up. The phone sits in the pocket and starts almost charging immediately. I do not drive my car that much during the weekdays as I use public transportation to commute to school so charging on the way home did not do much in terms of replenishing battery power. For longer trips, it may be useful if one knows where s/he is going.

The PU leather covers 2/3 of the phone screen so using it for GPS purposes or perhaps hands-free calling is difficult. It would be much easier to use a dash mount and supply one’s own charging cable during those times rather than use the T514. These problems could be solved with a clear front to the case so one can see the screen while using the charging capabilities. But, as a charger, it works well as it provides a quick way to charge one’s phone without having to plug one’s phone in. Also, it saves the lightning port from continual wear, which may help in the long run.

Overall, the T514 does the job in terms of wireless charging. It limits one’s ability to use the phone while charging, but the wireless feature does provide some benefits. For those who need a Qi enabled case to use this product, it is important to choose a case that allows for full functionality of one’s phone, such as access to all the ports as well as providing some protection to the phone.



How To Maintain A Microscope


A microscope is an investment, so you must store it properly after each use. If the proper maintenance procedures are not implemented, dirt, pollen, lint, and dust will cause serious operational problems.

Kinivo 301BN HDMI Switch

IMG_9519Kinivo makes many awesome products, some that I have reviewed before, such as bluetooth speakers, headphones, and HDMI Switches. The product is currently out of stock on Kinivo’s website (link) and Amazon, but the 501BN (the 5-port version) is available on Amazon for $51.00 (link). The product was received for review purposes.

Kinivo’s 301BN offers up to 1080p output (depending on one’s device’s capabilities), 3D compatibility, 3 HDMI input ports  that allows one to connect 3 HDMI cables into the Switch box.  The switch comes with an IR remote and AC power adapter. The switch must be visible to the remote for changing HDMI ports. The remote comes with up and down arrows or the option to directly go to which port one wants with the 1, 2, or 3 button. There is also a switch button on the device if one wants to use the box itself to change HDMI inputs or the remote is unavailable for usage. The 5V AC adapter plugs into a wall outlet for powering the device.

The switch features a glossy finish on the top and bottom, which is a fingerprint magnet and collects dust. The sides have a brush aluminum look to them. The bottom of the case have four rubber feet to keep it from sliding, and also to protect the surface of the switch and the surface it is placed on.

Kinivo’s product allows the user to connect up to 3 different HDMI inputs into one’s TV so it allows for a greater number of connected devices, and can save on time to switch through video settings. I connect my xBox, Chromecast, and HDMI-in cord to the 301BN for usage. It saves on time to switch from video 7 all the way back to video 6. Also, since the Sony TV out in the den only has 2 HDMI ports, the switch allows for two additional devices to be connected.

Overall, using the 301BN saves a lot of time to switch between video inputs and allows for more connected devices. These two main features of the device are the reason why I would recommend this device to others looking to purchase or have the need for an HDMI switch.



Kinivo BTD 300 Bluetooth USB Adapter

IMG_9534Kinivo’s BTD 300 allows for laptops and computers without bluetooth capability to utilize bluetooth. The device is currently on sale on Kinivo’s website (link) and Amazon (link) for $7.99 (MSRP $29.99). The bluetooth adapter was sent out for review purposes.

The BTD 300 is small, and is about the size of a dime. It offers USB 3.0, but is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 2.1 It fits snuggly into the USB port of a computer or laptop and does not take up much real-estate. Once plugged into the computer, the adapter flashes a blue LED light a few times. It allows computers and laptops without bluetooth capability to utilize bluetooth for things such as connecting bluetooth speakers, mice, or phones to the desired device.

The device comes with installation disks for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 to install the device on one’s computer/laptop. Windows 8 is also compatible, but one must go to Kinivo’s website to install the necessary drivers. It also works with Mac10.3 or later.  My previous laptop, a Sony Vaio running Windows 7, did not have bluetooth capabilities so plugging in the BTD 300 to connect my bluetooth speakers to it was quick and simple.

Kinivo’s bluetooth adapter allowed me to connect my bluetooth headphones to the Sony Vaio laptop for playing music and games. The ability to connect to bluetooth is great for a multitude of different uses. I would recommend the BTD 300 to those that have bluetooth devices, but not a bluetooth enabled computer/laptop.


Tracking mobile phone with the help of IMEI number – Steps to follow


Do you know that every cell phone has an IMEI number which is unique in its own way? This IMEI number can be located by means of right software. It helps police to find a cell phone that has been stolen with the help of service provider. Your service provider has every right to block your cell phone from working further in order to ensure that you are not being charged for the phone calls made by the thief. You may visit to find mobile phones and laptops.