[Tutorial] Mod GTA 3 for iOS with custom cars, maps, skins, and more (no jailbreak required) [Video]


Now that GTA III for iOS (and other platforms) has been released, we can now dig inside of the file structure to see what everything’s about. Turns out that it’s basically a direct port of the PC version (with some minor changes for touch and various resolution support).

Using the standard GTA III modding tools for Windows, I was able to replace the Kuruma, the first car you drive in GTA III, with an Alfa Romeo 156. The best part about this is that you don’t need to be jailbroken to do this, as this was done for an iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1 (9A405). You’ll find everything you need to know below. The video tutorial is also at the bottom of this post.

Backup Your Files

Since we’ll be modifying various files, you’ll need to make sure that you back them up so that, should something go wrong, you’ll be able to quickly put them back. Most of the time, we’ll be modifying gta3_pvr.img and gta3_pvr.dir. The first file contains all of the textures and models for the game, while the second file provides a list of files that are within gta3_pvr.img.

Required Stuff

To do this, you’ll need a copy of IMG Tool 2.0 (mirror), which is currently Windows only. I imagine this should work with applications such as Crossover or Cider.

You’ll also need a copy of the mod that you’d like, whether it be a map area, a custom car, or something else. The GTA Place has a nice selection of mods to download.

It’s also best to have an extracted copy of the game. Simply open the .ipa file with, for example, WinRAR, and extract the gta3.app folder to your computer. You can also rename the .ipa extension to .zip to get it to open.

Finally, you’ll need a copy of iExplorer (Windows & Mac OS X), which lets you access the file system on your iOS device, even without a jailbreak (to some extent, enough for us to do what we want to do).

If you’re interested in the Alfa Romeo 156 that I used for this test, you’ll find it here.

The Steps

First, open up IMGTool.exe, and open gta3_pvr.img. Alternately, you can drag gta3_pvr.img on top of IMGTool.exe.

Most graphical mods have a .dff and a .txd file. You’ll want to find the name of the file that you’re planning on replacing within the list of files. Once you find them, right click on it and select delete. As mentioned, most mods have two files, so delete them both, or whichever ones that came with the mod (maybe it only came with one file?).

Now, we need to add our new files into gta3_pvr.img. From the “Commands” menu, go to “Add”. Find the files that you want to add.

Next, you’ll need to actually save the changes that were made to gta3_pvr.img, which you can do by choosing “Rebuild Archive” from the “Commands” menu. This shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds to complete.

To copy the modified gta3_pvr.img and gta3_pvr.dir files to your iOS device, fire up iExplorer. Find your device in the left sidebar, and expand “Apps”. Look for “com.rockstargames.gta3ios“. From there, go into “gta3.app“. It may take a while to load this folder, as there are a lot of files.

Find gta3_pvr.img, and rename it to gta3_pvr.img.bak, so that you’ll have a backup of the file locally on your iOS device. Also rename gta3_pvr.dir to gta3_pvr.dir.bak.

Lastly, drag your modified files from your desktop into this window (again, it should be at gta3.app). It may take a while to do so, as iExplorer likes to refresh the entire folder list whenever a new file is transferred.


To test your results, open up gta3 on your iOS device, and your changes should be made.

Here’s what the Kuruma looks like once replaced with the Alfa Romeo 156:

Kuruma > Alfa Romeo 156

I’ll be doing some more vehicle tests and actual map tests soon.

Feel free to follow Brian and The Tech Erra on Twitter.

Video Tutorial

  • Anonymous

    Hmm it does not seems to work. No matter how many times I have tried replacing the two kuruma files and then repackaging the img, it seems to still load the original kuruma.

    • Banjalucan

      i have the same problem :/

    • Jordirexman

      Wich devices are you running. Maybe its device depending wich sounds for me stupid but everything can.

    • Anonymous

      Are you completely killing gta3 from your multitasking dock ahead of time?

  • SuperUnkowN

    I remember modding GTA3 like this for the PC version. After a while, i had all cars changed :) . I wonder how much of a FPS impact changing cars have. Some of the replacement models where hard on my PC back then. Another good site for models is gtainside.com.

  • Jordirexman

    Sorry not working for me :(
    Have iPod touch 4th Gen iOS 5.0.1 32GB

  • Jordirexman

    Ok i have good news and bad news.
    The good news i got a fix.
    The bad news. You better not do it because your game will crash if your MODDDED car has damage.
    This is only on the single core idevices. This is because it uses an extra file

    So for people who the fix.
    Search in the app for OLD_VEH.dir and the corresponding img
    If you have replaced the Kuruma in the gta3_pvr.img you have to delete the kuruma files in the OLD_VEH.img and rebuild. Then copy the .dir and .img back to have your modded car.

    This is because the A5 powered (iPad 2 and iPhone 4S) use the car files in the gta3_pvr.img and the A4 powered uses the old_veh.img

    I didnt try to put any modifiaction mod but since they are the same (A5 and A4) it may work to replace buildings. I will try to fix the crash bug. As for now close all apps in the Multi-Tasking bar and if you have an RAM increaser use that to.

    Greetz Jordi

    • Anonymous

      Nice find! What if you add, for example, the Kuruma to OLD_VEH.img instead of removing it?

      • Jordirexman

        Already tried it. On my Laptop (a preaty old one :) it says file is to big. The problem is you can do it but when you car (example: i replaced the mafia sentinel with the chrysler 3000 mafia) gets damaged like loose particles the game gets stuck and crashes. Didn’t try other cars yet. I think buildings. will work beceause there isnt in my opinion an annother file for that.

        Diverence iPod Touch 4th gen: Flat motor block
        iPad 2 or iPhone 4s : 3D motor block

        The A4 devices cant handle the 3D
        (When i discoverd by accident i deleated only the mafia.txd/dff i closed the game when i saw it worked and deleated every file int the old_veh except the airtrain. Then i played again
        Things i noticed then
        1. A bit slower framerate think 1fps
        2. When i bumped in an another car the game crashed

        Maybe to much deleated and maybe 1 or 2 cars will work? Didnt try that yet.

        Hope this helps you.

        Greetz Jordi.

        • Anonymous

          My game has yet to crash with a few custom cars.

          The “file too big” thing is because you have to delete the original files from the IMG first, and then add the new ones.

          • Jordirexman

            Nice job man!
            Will try it tomorow. I live in the netherlands :)

            I used replace instead of deleting
            Think that was the problem :D

    • Banjalucan

      I’ll try to download the game, and mod the files before first play… may it helps. sorry for my bed english :)

    • Pieter Leeuwrik

      What you said worked for me!! But some cars have 3 files.. A .dff .txd and .col file… What to do with the col file? I’ve tried to get to .col file into the vehicle.col but it looks like he don’t accept the file.. Please help because i dont like to play with only 1 car modded!

      • Anonymous

        The vehicle.col file has all of the handling and performance information for every car. You’ll have to edit that file manually in a text editor, make the changes, and put it back. Or you can just ignore it.

        • Pieter Leeuwrik

          I’ve tried everything with the .col editor or even a .dff exporter..
          I changed the origional .col/.dff file with the one from the modded car
          ,saved the vehicle.col put it back to the gta.app with the vehicle.dff
          and still won’t work..
          The Alfaromeo did work though.. but that car have only 2 files.

          i’ve done this a long time ago on de computer with the GTA 3, GTA VC, i even modded my GTA:SA so much friend din’t reconised it anymore..
          GTA IV modded to..
          So i suppose i’m not a beginner at this point
          but it just won’t work on my iphone when you have a .col file..

          I have the Iphone 4 first model with the iOs 5.0.1 Jailbreak

          And again i hope you coul’t tell me what to do with it..
          Thank you for the quick response!


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  • Banjalucan

    i exchanged the kuruma files in gta3_pvr.img and oldveh_pvr.img with the alfa romeo kuruma files and it works without any problems.

    • Jordirexman

      Nice! Did you had damage on your modded car?

      • Anonymous

        Yup. The doors and hood were busted up.

  • Wahkiz

    Cool now it works! I have an Audi TT right after the prison escape hehe !

  • Anonymous

    Cool now it works. I have an Audi TT right after the prison escape :D

  • iSami

    Hi is there a way to add blood for censored versions of the game? Files to replace or something?

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  • Divxas1

    Can mod gta 3 for android?

    • Anonymous

      Probably. A root is most likely required.

    • Jcthomas00

      Yes, and it’s easier than on iOS. Put the mod files in sdcard/android/data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/gta3/
      And you are done!

    • Jcthomas00

      You can mod in android without root very easily. Just put the mod files in sdcard/android/data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/gta3/
      And you’re done.

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  • Figa

    can same1 check it? it does’t working for me :(

  • Jwmensi15

    i cant find gta3_pvr.img help

    • Anonymous

      It’s in gta3.app…

      • Mathieu_sutter

        where is that?

        • Anonymous

          Disqus generic email templateOn your computer…

          • Mathieu_sutter


          • Anonymous

            Again, on your computer.

          • Mathieu_sutter

            in iexplorer?

          • Anonymous


  • Vonmon2

    Um, I did everything, but the Kuruma still shows up. Please help! :)

    • Anonymous

      If you’re not on an A5 device, edit old_veh.img instead.

      • Vonmon2

        It worked!! Thanks so much! Now to add the Batmobile >:D

  • Jerry-park

    hello, thanks for your help, i successed car mod, but i`m a ipod touch4th user, and when i play the game it is always crashed. what should i do now?

  • http://twitter.com/azadabdullahi Azad Abdullahi

    Everything worked after following the instructions and I just havnt been able to stop since then. Plan on making a mod pack/patch.




  • Ratbiker

    is there also a way to mod “max cash” and “never wanted” :D

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  • Oost_p2ductionzz

    Did EXACLY what you said.. Wont work!

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you should start troubleshooting, especially given the fact that you’ve failed to provide any descriptive information that can potentially help.

  • Midnite

    I followed these directions and the game starts but crashed when loading?

    • Anonymous

      That usually happens when you don’t fully remove the original files from the .img file before adding in the new ones.

  • ultrasn0wer

    Excuse me, sir. How can i solve this problem? this car has no damage, but i think this file has the problem. You know it, right? You`re genius. Please help:( also enzo ferrari has the same problem.(notice: i jailbroke my device and i`m an ipod 4th 64Gb user.)

    • http://twitter.com/azadabdullahi Azad Abdullahi

      you will need to find another model to replace it. I have about 6-8 cars traded and have run into most of the problems others mentioned and figured a couple things out.


      1. Game crashes when loading up after adding mods?

      – chances are your model is not compatible with the game (some may be too highly detailed for your idevice to process, some even though they have the proper files just dont seem to start up.

      solution: just restore to your last working version and try another model.

      2. Game crashes when your car takes damage

      - some models dont seem to have damage taken into consideration in their build and as such when the time comes, the game ends up crashing.

      solution: take no damage or change the model

      3. Car shows up with strange mesh and objects sticking out making the model look like it has taken damage even when it is fresh.

      - unfortunately your model includes tires or other parts which the game doesn’t seem to accommodate at the moment.

      • ultrasn0wer

        Thank you sir. I`m glad to see your reply about my FAQ. Thank you. It`s so wonderful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vim18 Vimal Bansal

    @ ultrasn0wer

    This happened to me aswell, not sure why but im checking some others, got 6 new cars working so far with the right wheels :)

    • ultrasn0wer

      thank you so much sir for your advice

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  • http://www.facebook.com/vim18 Vimal Bansal

    Iv added these cars on my iPhone 4S

    1 Esperant = Aston Martin Vanquish
    2 Cheetah = Porsche Carrera GT
    3 Banshee = Mini Cooper S
    4 Manana = Audi TT
    5 Sentinel = BMW 760Li E65
    6 Infernus = Lambo Diablo
    7 Stinger = Ferrari F50

    done all the hard work like the handling and wheels mod so you can just download and replace the files on IOS, only works on iPhone 4s and iPad 2 (A5 devices).



    • Dnmeboy

      I used your files and only 2 new cars showed up.

      • http://www.facebook.com/vim18 Vimal Bansal

        you need to get on the 2nd island, most of the cars are there.

  • Bob

    Ok I have tried doing this three times now, I have followed everyone of your steps and as soon as I load gta3 up it crashes and i dont know why help please

    • tohottie26

      I did everything in the steps above, my game is not crashing but the car did not show up, I just want to know the exact way on how to do this, cause I’m basically done with the game and just want to have fun moding stuff.

      • Anonymous

        See my YouTube reply.

        • Idioso

          Thanks, I got a couple cars working but then it just wouldn’t load. I have a few more ?s for u. 1. How can I get all weapons cheat/mod? 2. Is there a RealGTA3 mod available to put on iOS devices, I saw it last night on a website and it looked really cool, and which GTA mod website has the best working cars? And how do I put in like the McDonalds, and gas stations and all like retail logos, also to let u know I’m doing SSH instead of iexplorer.

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  • Jon8

    Can u do it 4 me for some money?

    • Anonymous


  • Devin

    IMG Took isn’t letting me open files I got from the link u provided..Help?

  • Devindarland

    Also I explorer wont let me open the gta3 folder. I am certain its the correct one.

  • Devindarland

    Anyone know how to add a skin? I have followed this guide nd pretty much did exactly what u did )using I Fun Box( rather than Iexplorer) I get no results.. Anyone>?

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  • Luka

    When I did this to mod it, I followed each of the steps, then when I was trying to turn on the game,nit kept on getting stuck at the loading screen, with the bar nearly done please help

    • Idioso

      Same thing happened to mine, I added a couple cars, and then that happened, I was pissed cause I had to delete and re download the game.

  • bryan1134


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  • Mathieu_sutter

    how do i open gta3_pvr.img in img tool? do i need to save it first?

    • Anonymous

      You open it like you would any other file…

      • Mathieu_sutter

        i open it but nothing happens….how do i make it open up in img tool?

        • Anonymous

          Like I said, you open it in IMG Tool like you would open something in just about any other program.

          • Mathieu_sutter

            ok but when i click open in img tool and i seek through my documents, i cant find the file! where is it then?

          • Anonymous

            It’s wherever you extracted it to…

          • Mathieu_sutter

            when i click to open it says “unable to find dir file”??

          • Mathieu_sutter

            so what do i do?

          • Anonymous

            Sounds like you aren’t following the instructions.

  • Mathieu_sutter

    what do u open gta3_pvr.dir with? img tool?

    • Anonymous

      Yup, you definitely aren’t following the instructions.

      • Mathieu_sutter

        because it doesnt work with me! when i open img tool and i do file:open and i click on gta3_pvr.img it says unable to find DIR file…

        • Anonymous

          Because you didn’t follow the instructions…

          • Mathieu_sutter

            than can u please tell me what i did wrong please!!

          • Anonymous

            You’re not following directions…

          • Mathieu_sutter

            wat am i doing wrong? i read the instructions and the vid a million timer plz tell

          • Syahmi Amin

            OMG , just read the damn instructions word by word

  • Mathieu_sutter

    finally worked! thank you :)

  • Jtsk8er123

    ok iexplorer says unable to load apple mobile device and iv tried everything could you help with this and itunes is downloaded
    and my ipod is jailbroken if that has anything to do with it

    • besweeet

      Make sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed, and make sure you have afc2add installed from Cydia.

  • Jtsk8er123

    like this here

  • http://www.ezcarinsurancequotes.com/teen-drivers Car Insurance for Teens

    There are numerous customizations available on the market today consisting of both interior and exterior possibilities. Simply by tinting your windows, adding a customized body kit, nice wheels and some vehicle lighting, your vehicle will be unlike any other.

  • Jay-d123

    hi guys, not sure if you can help, have been trying to add a couple of mods for a while now, followed the instructions completely as far as i can tell but when i run the game its no different, ive tried to replace the kumra(or watever its called) with the batmoblie, deleted both files and replaced them like i should have, but it still shows the kumra?, same when i tried to replace the cop cars with lambo cop cars? any help would be apreshiated

  • Jostad12

    IMG tool doesn’t work for me. Every time I attempt to input some vehicle to replace, I receive an error message telling me that the file is too big. Any solution to circumvent the problem?

  • Bryann_is_back

    i had transfered my mods and everything to my device but my gta app will not play

  • Aahoorn

    how do i get the file gta3.app to extract the files?

    • besweeet

      Disqus generic email templategta3.app isn’t a file…

      • Aahoorn

        how do i get gta3_pvr.img?

        • besweeet

          Open up your IPA and extract everything inside. Google could’ve told you that.

          • Aahoorn

            how do i open up the IPA and extract everything inside?

  • Aahoorn

    where do i get the extracted copy of the game?

  • Ahmedsyed26

    Everyone do as i say if you want car mods,
    first extract gta3_pvr.img , gta3_pvr.dir, oldveh_pvr.img and oldveh_pvr.dir to ur desktop,done?

    After that open imgtool then put ur car mods in both .img file(which u have already extracted on ur desktop) n last thing put them back to their locations through Iexplorer

    • Aahoorn

      how do i extract gta3_pvr.img and the files to my desktop?

      • Ahmedsyed26

        Just drag it from the iexplorer

        • Aahoorn

          okay. so i have my ipod plugged in, not jailbroken, and i explorer open. i find com.rockstargames.gta3ios. i try to drag it to my desktop and it does not show up. this is as far as i have gotten after downloading iexplorer and imgtool. what am i doing wrong?

          • Aahoorn

            it also says that i have reached the maximum number (5) of app directories for this session. how do i change this, i restarted iexplorer and unplugged my ipod like it said and it still said it.

          • besweeet

            Restarting iExplorer should’ve fixed that error.

          • besweeet

            You have to put your files in the .app withint com.rockstargames.gta3ios.

          • Aahoorn

            so i cannot go into com.rockstargames.gta3ios

          • Aahoorn

            because it says that i have the most app directories.

      • Ahmedsyed26

        drag all these files gta3_pvr.img , gta3_pvr.dir, oldveh_pvr.img and oldveh_pvr.dir

  • Aahoorn

    where and how did you get gta3_pvr.dir and gta3_pvr.img?????

    • Ahmedsyed26

      ok wait,do you have that .ipa file saved on ur desktop?

      • Ahmedsyed26

        n tell me whether ur iphone is jailbroken or not?

        • Aahoorn

          k, i just found them. now i gotta follow the video from here so i shouldnt have more questions. but do you have to replace the files, or can i just add them?

          • Ahmedsyed26

            You must have a backup copy of ur original files

          • Aahoorn

            i found the file now and made backups. but i try to open it in imgtool and it says that the dir file cannot be found.where do i find it at?

          • Ahmedsyed26

            from the same directory

          • Aahoorn

            when i try to open gta3_pvr.img it says that the file cannot be found. what did i do wrong?

  • Ahmedsyed26

    First download this RAR file http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?465zjmz9s2c9hd4 ,in it there are 4 files,replace them with the original ones which are in gta3.app folder n have fun with sum COOL cars.Do tell me here when you are done with it n having fun.I’ve worked very hard for you guys,enjoy.

    • Luidakid93

      Thank. I like the new cars especially the audi car, but why do some cars look like they have popped tires as if the rims are grinding on the street causing sparks?

  • serkan

    I did all the steps you said but every time it starts loading the new game but when its close to finish loading it freezes. Am I doing something wrong? Can you help me

    • Ahmedsyed26

      Look just start from the fresh IPA file because i think u must have did sumthin wrong b4 my help…..

    • Ahmedsyed26

      And i also want to know,whether your idevice is jailbroken or not?

  • Peanutismint

    Is it possible to mod GTA3 on iOS to be used with a hardware gamepad controller?

    • besweeet


  • Liturgy

    good job. can i make a request? can i just have a copy of your mods so i can just copy paste it. it will be alot easier just like that and i’ll just have to back-up the files which i will replace. TIA

    email: nebblonme@gmail.com

  • bob4m

    How do you add a map to the game, such as the stunt park or the ghost town bridge?

  • Pooria0

    “Kuruma” has 2 files one *.dff & *.TXD
    but what’s * ??????? i mean the name of two files
    ive also another question can i install GTA VC Cars On GTA 3 ??????

  • Lheight

    I CANT download the image tool thing on my computer

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000342102166 Gisela Aurora

    i can’t drag item from PC to iExplorer help

  • Jpmann22

    it wont let me download iexplore and i have a pc

  • Drwkitchens11

    I need help finding some of the files please personal message me on YouTube @DrewsTechChannal and we can use team viewer to do the modding with because I have had some problems

    • besweeet

      What problems?

  • Fergta

    no me funciono

    • Elizeu

      como voce fez para funcionar e as armas ?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZSWXU2MUV3P35VN7ZAJ43QGNE asuL

    REAL mod to gta 3 mobile?

  • deathskull45

    i need help how do i get the gta3_pvr.img

    • besweeet

      Find the .ipa file for your copy of GTA and extract the .pvr file from inside (.ipa files are just .zip files).

  • Fastspeeddrifter Jc

    how did u get this gta3_pvr.img and gta3_pvr.dir

    • besweeet

      They’re in the IPA file for GTA 3.

  • Sayac

    I have a skin with bmp but it doesn’t work. Can you help me ?

  • YouYou

    I have a skin for ipad but he doesn’t work!!I don’t understand why he doesn’t work!!! is there somebody who tell me why he doesn’t work please!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Łukasz-Borowiecki/100000149211793 Łukasz Borowiecki

    NOT WORKING!!?!??! WHY !?!?!? I’ve got iPhone 4 5.1.1 and it doesn’t work… I change gta3_pvr.img and it doesn’t work- game start but standard cars… ;/

    • besweeet

      Edit the old veh PVR file.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Łukasz-Borowiecki/100000149211793 Łukasz Borowiecki

        Thx for answer, i don’t expect that somebody want to help me.
        So if i can ask a question my problem is that- i know how to mod game on pc, i now how i can change cars but i put this files (gta3_var.img and gta3_pvr.dir) to “new folder” and i delete cars (for example esperanto, idaho etc.) and add the new one (low poly models) i rebuilded file and delete files from iphone (gta3_var.img and gta3_pvr.dir) next i copy and past files from “new folder” to my iPhone, but when i start game, i’ve got standard cars. Can You tell me which file i should edit or what i should to do, i’m trying to do that for 5 hours and every time i’ve got the same effect- so i haven’t got any effects. I will be really happy if You can help me. Thank You a lot for answer.

        • besweeet

          I just told you.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Łukasz-Borowiecki/100000149211793 Łukasz Borowiecki

            I don’t know but… ok

  • Stickbomb1997

    I know this is a stupid question but, do I need WinRAR to extract the gta3.app

    • besweeet

      No. Anything that can open a .zip file is what you’ll need.

  • Stickbomb1997

    also I watched the video and did everything, but when i press resume or start new game it crashes. has this happen to you? and how can i fix it?

    • besweeet

      You did something wrong somewhere. Start over using your backup.

      • Stickbomb1997

        i did but i think is because of the patches or the version, my version is 1.0.1

        • besweeet

          Game version doesn’t matter.

          • Stickbomb1997

            Well i did everything the game open fine but when the game started the kuruma was not at all a alfa romero i saw u said edit the old veh PRV file but where do i find that

          • besweeet


          • Stickbomb1997

            thank you after i actually look for oldveh_pvr.dir and oldveh_pvr.img file it worked.

    • Jakema




  • MODZ

    the car stays the same

    • besweeet

      You did it wrong.

    • MODZ

      what em i suppose to do then cause i followed the vid

  • MODZ

    can u help

    • besweeet

      Your problem has a pretty good chance of being already answered in the comments section here and for the video.

  • MODZ

    this doesnt work itried twice

  • Christopher Huezo

    well the car stays the same i dont know what to do i tried alot of times

    • besweeet

      You have to edit the old PVR file.

  • Trololo

    iExplorer doesn’t work for me, what can i use as an alternative?

    • besweeet

      iFunBox might work.

  • Evan Huthcinson

    how am i supposed to mod the dir file?

    • besweeet

      You aren’t…

  • jack

    When i try copying the gta3_pvr.img file from Iexplorer it pastes it as a ‘listoffilestocopy’
    help what do i do

    • ima frog

      i have same problem

  • Maxarlen

    I do not see where you go when you select the to Mods files



  • Iliketurtle46

    how do i get the gta3_pvr.img

    • Iliketurtle46

      lol nvm again

  • Iliketurtle46

    img tool says unable to find dir file when i click on pvr.img

    • Iliketurtle46


  • http://gtacg.co.cc/ GT TSENG

    Hi every time I edit handle.cfg and start game it crash any solution?

  • link890

    how do i add skins

  • mdszsd

    Messed up my gta_pvr.img and i didn’t backup :(
    Anyone have the original one?

    • besweeet

      Redownload the game…

  • mdszsd

    When i load a saved game or start new game the yellow progress bar get stuck at
    [------------ ] i’m on iPad 3…


  • tato

    cant edit notting from .ipa app kus ios 6 i think (or maybe iphone 5 but i dont think so) … im trying to edit .ipa app with winrar and if it works ill tell u guys how to do it …

  • Cleveland_austin

    i have no clue what im doing. how do i back the files up.

    • Cleveland_austin

      Please help. Ive been trying for over 2 hours now. I really want to do this but as of right now im getting no where because i can figure this out.

      • besweeet

        Sounds like you simply aren’t in the position to be able to do it.

  • Chris Walker

    When I start the app it says, failed to set data for “

  • klownslayer

    Would love to edit my “handling.cfg” file, but currently unable to add/edit/delete files in gta3.app. iPhone 5 16 GB on iOS 6.0.1.

    • besweeet

      The newer devices don’t allow for writing to apps like it did with older ones. You’re out of luck until a jailbreak is out. Or, you can do the old iTunes backup edit trick.

  • iVIC675

    How about “GTA: Vice City for iOS”? I can’t find any “.txd” files in gta3.img. I can’t find any “.txd” files in “GTA3.app”, and I try to change “.dff” file, it can’t work. So I think “GTA: Vice City for iOS” is different, not like PC. How can I put the mod cars in GTA VC ? Please, tell me, thank you very much.

    • besweeet

      It’s exactly the same as the PC version…

      • iVIC675

        Really? But I can’t find “.txd” files!

      • Aaaaaa

        I used i-funbox to replace gta3.img for gta vice city. but it couldn’t be replaced for some reasons.

        • besweeet

          If you’re on iOS 6, it won’t work.

          • Aaaaaa

            oh okay, im on ios 6. that sucks

          • Aaaaaa

            is there anyway to replace it without jb?

          • besweeet

            Not if you’re on iOS 6.

  • austun

    how tho

  • Marymie_31

    Can you please upload your modded files here… Please….

  • Phil12

    Why does it not work for iOS 6 on the iPhone 5

  • jair vazquez

    can u do this on android

  • Nilson

    Hi , If I want to download Iexplore ,

    it says:

    Runtime error:(at126:332)

    Internal error:Cannot acces 64-bit registry keys of this version of windows
    What now?

  • Guest

    Can I download game saves on ios 6?

    • besweeet

      Try it out and see what happens.

  • Natcho

    You can also use ifunbox to look at you ios files I reckon ifunbox is better than iexplorer

  • Arshi

    hello sir how i edit gta 3 map for iphone ipa file i want to add some new roads or add some houses means a new little island can it possible ?

  • wow

    Where do i get pmv

  • wow

    Where do i get pmv

  • https://www.rebelmouse.com/pearlypenilepapulesremovalcost/ Pearly Penile Papules Removal

    I love these custom things. Look great. :)

  • Guest

    WHERE do i i donwload gta3.

  • Валерий Ботвин

    So it doesn’t work for me

  • David Peredo

    I have the newest version ( 1.3.2 ) and I tried all the steps buy iExplorer won”t leet me put the modded files back into the gta3.app folder. What can I do ??