Download all of the original iPhone’s iOS 6 and iOS 7 wallpapers


Updated on  December 5, 2013.  As requested by many commenters, the original set of wallpapers for iPhone5 are embedded below.

If you still in love with iOS6 wallpapers  for their elegance and beauty, or If you upgraded to iOS7 and want old wallpapers back from iOS6 then you can download all of them in a single ZIP file below.  

Down load iOS 6 Wallpapers TheTecherra_iOS6_iphone

To Down load iO7 wallpapers TheTecherra_iO7_iPhone




Updated set of images, October 8th (see update at the beginning of the post for more information)…

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  • Kok Hean

    iOS 6 – Designed by Nature

  • prince

    thank you very much

  • Luis Marcos Ramos

    thanks a lot, do you have the ipad wallpapers?

    • Brian Sweet

      No, I don’t, sorry.

  • Luiscamp14


  • Stella2000d

    Nice, but it’s different from the wall collection in the final release. Some of the ones you have here were removed, and a few others added. You wouldn’t happen to have the ones from the final release for download would you? Thanks!

    • besweeet

      Will grab them from my iPhone 5. Have to self-sign and install iBrowser first.

    • besweeet


      • Stella2000d

        Thanks so much, you’re my new hero!

  • Stella2000d

    Sorry to bug you again, but so far you are the only one who posted some walls from iOS 4/5 in 640×960 resolution (the first set you posted). Do you have all of them in 640×960 resolution for iPhone 4/4S? I think only about 7 of them weren’t in that first set.

    • besweeet

      Couldn’t the iPhone 5 wallpapers just be cropped a little bit?

      • Stella2000d

        Oops sorry, I meant if you have the old walls from the previous iOS since some of them were removed in iOS 6. These can def be cropped though.

        • besweeet

          I don’t have any way of getting a hold of them.

  • AdamLeydenTuck

    Thank God! I’ve been looking for the grey hexagonal criss cross one since my wife HILARIOUSLY changed my background to a pomeranian. Cheers!

  • Justin Luck

    Your link to the download of the 22.8 mb is broken. Would you kind re-establish the download link again, please. Thank you very much.

  • Fardeen Beharry

    please re upload these wallpaper for iphone 4s

  • mingus

    Please reupload these for the iPhone 4 and iPad.

  • besweeet

    To anyone who’s asking about the file: I recently cleaned up the files that I hosted, so I no longer have it. I do however have the iOS 7 wallpapers at

  • M

    Can you please provide the files for ios6 iPhone 5 wallpapers? I really like them but now that I’ve updated to ios 7 and accidentally change my wallpaper, I can’t get back to my my pervious one. Thanks!

  • AS

    Yes, is there any way you could put up the files for iOS iPhone 5 wallpaper? I can’t get mine back either. Please help!

    • AS

      I meant iOS 6 iPhone 5 wallpaper

  • DC

    Please upload the iOS 6 wallpaper ZIP again. Like most everyone else who updated to iOS 7, I miss my old pool of wallpapers. Much appreciated.

  • Cristian
  • Jenna

    Um can someone tell me how to download so I can use them? I love the old wallpapers and I hate everything about the new IOS 7.

  • Anonymous

    Where do i get the iPad (retina) ones??

  • friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    thanks a lot, do you have the ipad wallpapers?

  • Bob

    Can you please post the Ipad Retina wallpapers?