[Review] SwitchEasy Canvas for iPad 2/3 [Video]

Overview (view 1)

Made of excellent materials, the SwitchEasy Canvas (Amazon) gives the user plenty of flexibility when using their device. And for the price of $49.99, you do get quite a bit of extras with your purchase. However, this case most likely will not be worth the price.

What’s Included

Included with this case are the following:

  • 1x cystal-clear screen shield
  • 1x squeegee to apply the screen shield
  • 2x 30-pin dock connector covers
  • 2x headphone jack protectors
  • 1x microfiber cloth


The Canvas lives up to its name. The exterior of the case looks like a canvas and feels like quality material. The interior of the case is lined with microfiber and is soft so it will not scratch the screen. On the right side of the interior, there is a hard-shell back, which is where the iPad is placed in the case. All of the ports are accessible and easy to use.

While not too bad, the case adds quite a bit of bulk to the iPad, but provides some good drop protection. For stand angles, the Canvas only works in the landscape position so, unfortunately, you won’t be able to stand your device up in the portrait orientation.

The latch included in this version of the case (the iPad 3 version is revamped with a lot of major fixes) is irritable and unattractive. The latch does not work well when the iPad is in the case. It is hard to unlatch or re-latch the case because of the added bulk of the iPad. Although, there are some issues with the latch, the case still works with the sleep-wake feature.

At first, removing the iPad from the case is a bit of a chore, but after that, it gets much easier.

The hard shell that the iPad sits in would be great to use on its own, but it is attached to the case. A detachable hard shell case piece would be a nice addition to the Canvas case and would make it much more appealing and a much better value overall.

For the $50 price range, I would not recommend this particular version of the Canvas case. If you have an iPad 3, this product would be a great addition to your arsenal of cases. It has a lot of tweaks that make it a great case. Otherwise, for the iPad 2 users, look to some other cases from Switcheasy that provide other cases that may fit your needs.



  • Craig Goslan

    I bought one and sent it back the next day, useless for portrait and just falls down in portrait.

    • Linda Nguyen

      As I mentioned, I am not a big fan of this particular version of the case. I prefer a thinner case that still has the ability to position the iPad in different viewing modes. Although, I do not think the design of the case was meant for standing the iPad in portrait orientation.