[Review] TheHiShop Steelheart Case for iPhone 4/4S [Video]


This is TheHiShop’s entrance into the aluminum iphone case market, with their Steelheart case. I’ve had this case for a while, and this review is long overdue and unfortunately, this case is no longer available on their website, however you may be able to find it on eBay or Amazon if you are interested.

This case is your basic snap-on the back style case but with a bit of flare with an aluminum back and orange plastic sides. The fit is very tight but that means that if you drop this case it will not pop off, leaving your phone exposed.  It has absolutely no lay-on-the-table design, and so I would not recommend this case for protection. But if style is what you are looking for, this case is for you.

Included in the package, you do get a crystal screen shield. It is always nice when case companies do this, however, a back shield would have been nice or even just a logo cover as the logo is exposed in this case.

As for the cut outs, your top and bottom are both fully exposed, leaving the bezel susceptible to scratches.  You also have a U-shaped cut out around the vibrate switch and volume rockers.  They are easy to access but again your bezel is exposed.  The camera cut out is quite small and does cause flashback issues as it is surround in shiny material.  You more than likely could use a sharpie to fix this problem.

This case did feel great in the hand with the plastic edges providing great grip.  The aluminum back also looked great but after a few days of use I began to notice scratches.  There is very minimal branding on the case and overall I think it looks and feels great.

As for my overall thoughts, I thought this case looked great and felt good in the hand.  It does not offer much in the way of protection but it does make the iPhone 4/4S look great.  If you are looking for a case to change the look of your case without adding any extra protection or bulk, then this is a great case for you.