[Review] Poetic ProFilm Ultra-Clear Screen Protector (3-pack) for iPhone 5 [Video]


Easy to install, looks good, and they’re cheap. Screen protectors don’t need to be expensive for something that just works, and that’s the case with Poetic’s ProFilm ultra-clear 3-pack of screen protectors for the iPhone 5. They’re as simple as they get for clear screen protectors, and they overall work quite well. The 3-pack will run you $12.95 on Amazon.

Included in the packaging are the 3 screen protectors, a microfiber cloth, and a small squeegee for applying the screen protector(s).

One great thing about these screen protectors is that the cutouts are proper. What I mean by this is that, some screen protectors have some sort of odd-shaped cutout at the top, while some use sort of a “U” shaped cutout at the bottom for the home button. For Poetic, you have cutouts for the front-facing camera, the earpiece, and a perfectly circular cutout for the home button. I think this setup to be ideal, and all that needs to be done.

Installation was pretty simple. Simply line up the screen shield with the bottom part of your phone, place the rest of the film down, and squeegee out any air bubbles. If there are any leftover, use a few pieces of tape to lift part of the film up, and the other piece to get the piece of debris from under the film. This leaves you with an absolutely perfect screen shield installation.

The ultra-clear film itself has no fancy oleophobic coating on it, so expect it to attract plenty of fingerprints and smudges. There’s also a small amount of rain bowing in certain types of lights. After a few days of use, I didn’t notice any scratches, however I don’t put my phone into my pocket where my keys are located like a lot of people seem to do for some reason.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with Poetic’s cheap screen protector offerings. Everything about the films work just as you’d expect and want. If you don’t want to spend upwards of $30 for simple screen protectors, this is an option to take a look at.

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