[Review] Targus Wallet Case for iPhone 5 [Video]


Function paired with design. If you’ve been waiting for a stylish way to carry around a few essential cards with you, rather than a big bulky wallet, this could be your solution. The Wallet Case by Targus (Amazon) is that solution, albeit it’s priced a bit high at $39.99.

Also speaking of the price, you don’t get any extras with your purchase, so you can throw the thought of receiving a screen protector or two out of the window. Perhaps the rest of the case makes up for that?

In terms of design, it looks quite nice. The actual case portion is made of a soft-touch-coated polycarbonate, while the part that holds your cards is made of faux leather. While it’s not real leather (hence the term “faux”), it comes close in terms of texture, looks, and smell. Opening up the faux leather flap reveals two areas where you can place one or two cards. The cards should slide in firmly so that they won’t accidentally fall out. The flap is held onto the case magnetically. The magnet itself seems fairly strong. Your iPhone 5 sits into the case portion with ease, as it’s practically your typical snap-on back cover. There’s a wave pattern near the top of the inside to help reduce a little bit of the product’s weight.

For protection, you get plenty of it for drops, assuming the case lands on the back. For the front? Not so much. However, there is a small lay-on-the-table design. There’s a cutout for the volume buttons and silent switch on the left side, while the top and bottom of your iPhone are both completely exposed. The camera cutout on the back of the case is a bit deep, and there’s a black outline to eliminate any potential LED flash issues.

Overall, the Wallet by Targus is an excellent choice for someone who wants to just take a few important cards and their iPhone 5 with them somewhere without having to grab their big bulky wallet or anything else. While initially, its price seemed a bit high, the quality and overall amount of functionality that the case offers makes up for that.

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