[Review] Nkapoor124′s $12 Permanent AT&T IMEI iPhone Unlock [Video]


Over the past few months, unlocking iPhones has been getting popular and easier than ever. The days of relying on a certain baseband for ultrasn0w or GEVEY SIMs are now over, as one can get their carrier-locked iPhone unlocked on the cheap. Today, I’ll be taking a look at Nkapoor124′s AT&T IMEI iPhone unlocking service, which will run you $12 per device, which gets you a permanent unlock within 24 hours. He currently offers unlocks for AT&T iPhones, as well as TELUS/Koodo iPhones in Canada, but the latter will cost noticeably more at $80 per unlock.

Once you send him the $12 payment and your IMEI number, your device will be unlocked within 24 hours. Your phone isn’t automatically unlocked, though, which is normal. To verify the unlock, you have two options: Restore in iTunes, or deactivate in redsn0w. The latter is much quicker and far easier than the first.

To verify your unlock via restoring, simply restore your device in iTunes, and after restoring, during the activation process, you should see the “congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked” message.

To verify your unlock via redsn0w, simply download the latest version of redsn0w here for Mac OS X and/or Windows. Once downloaded, run redsn0w, go to the Extras menu, the Even More menu, and click on Deactivate. Click on the Yes button, and your iPhone will automatically respring and deactivate itself. Go ahead and open up iTunes, and click on your iPhone in the left sidebar. If unlocked, you should see the “congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked” message. That’s it!

Keep in mind that this particular service is specific to AT&T-locked iPhones only, so if you use any other carrier, it won’t work.

Overall, this service works as advertised, and it’s a much cheaper and practical solution over using a GEVEY SIM or constantly waiting and relying on ultrasn0w updates and older basebands. Possibly the biggest advantage of getting your iPhone unlocked is that its resale value heavily increases, which is always a good thing.

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  • Miladkhahil

    Wonder if it works on already jailbroken AT&T iPhone 4S running Tmobile , and if so , what the right procedure to do it …