[Review] SwitchEasy NUDE for iPhone 5 [Video]


The simplicity of a SwitchEasy case in an affordable package. The NUDE, priced at just $19.99 by SwitchEasy (Amazon), is an extremely simple case for the Apple iPhone 5. While it doesn’t offer much in terms of protection, it adds practically no bulk. The best part? SwitchEasy includes a number of bundled extras, as they usually do.

First off, what’s included? This is SwitchEasy that we’re talking about, so we get a number of nice extras. Most users may not use everything that’s included, but it’s always nice to give the customer a little more for their money. Screen protectors? You get 2 crystal-clear ones with proper cutouts. I’m personally not a fan of crystal-clear films (anti-glare FTW!), so I didn’t test these. Interestingly, you also get a back protector film that covers just the metal piece. I find this slightly odd that they didn’t include two more film pieces to cover the top and bottom glass portions of the back of the iPhone 5. Nevertheless, it’s here for you to use or not. To help with the screen protector installation is a SwitchEasy microfiber cloth and a small squeegee card. Lastly, you get 2 “connector protectors,” which protect the entire bottom of your phone, including the 3.5mm headset jack, microphone, Lightning port, and speaker.

The case itself comes in a matte coating, and a completely glossy coating. I was sent the baby-blue matte version, which I prefer, as the soft-touch version helps reduce fingerprints and scratches. In terms of protection, there’s not much here to help with that area. The case itself is very thin, which is fine for very minor drops, but nothing of moderate height. There’s also no lay-on-the-table design, so front protection doesn’t exist. This case is for those who want to protect the back and sides of their device from getting scratch while not sacrificing the thickness or weight of the iPhone 5.

Fortunately, this back cover has dedicated button covers for the two volume buttons, as well as the power button, which is hard to come by for these types of cases, as most of them have huge exposed cutouts. The button covers make the button a little difficult to press, and the amount of “click” that you get from the buttons is noticeably reduced. There’s a small cutout for the silent switch that’s quite easy to get to. On the back of the case is the pill-shaped camera cutout, which is perfectly sized. It also has a black outline to help prevent any issues when using the camera’s LED flash. At the bottom of the case is a huge exposed area for everything that’s located at the bottom of your phone. If you take advantage of the connector protector, this won’t be a problem, however most will go without using it, so expect some scratches to show up on the chamfered edge of the iPhone 5.

Overall, the NUDE by SwitchEasy is perhaps the best snap-on back cover that’s available for the iPhone 5. It practically defines what this type of case should be like, and it does it in a package that gives the user some included extras, all at a great price. There’s not much in the way of protection, but if you’re looking at the NUDe, that’s probably not a concern of yours anyway.

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