[Review] Ted Baker iPhone 5 Case by Proporta [Video]


Some style for a lot of money. Have an iPhone 5 case budget of about $40? If so, steer away from this case, unless you happen to be a serious fan of Ted Baker. Coming from Proporta is their $39.95 back cover for the iPhone 5 with Ted Baker designs (Amazon). Available to you are three different designs (Rolfer, Paisley, Bugs), each $39.95, with no extras included.

The case itself is just your basic snap-on back cover for the iPhone 5. The entire case has a soft-touch coating, so fingerprints and minor scratches won’t be an issue. You’ll find large exposed areas for the volume button/silent switch area on the left side, one at the top, and one at the bottom. The camera cutout on the back is of a decent size, and won’t give you any problems when using the LED flash. Wanting protection? These snap-on back covers aren’t for you, and never will be, simply due to the nature of the case itself.

Honestly, that’s all there is to say about this case. It’s a very overpriced and typical back cover for the iPhone 5. For the money, you’re paying for the design and name more than anything else. Is that worth the money? In my opinion, absolutely not, and I imagine that this is the case for most people as well.

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