[Review] iLuv Anti-Glare Screen Protectors for iPhone 5 [Video]


A good choice for anti-glare. Coming from iLuv is their glare-free screen protection kit for the iPhone 5 (Amazon). It’s priced at $14.99, and the screen shields are pretty darn good.

While, for about $15, I would’ve liked to see 3 films instead of 2, but I’d say that the quality of these two screen shields makes up for that. In terms of extras, you’ll get a microfiber cloth, which is quite bad (as shown in the video), and a small squeegee for smoothing out the bubbles.

The glare-free film itself has just one peelable layer, which is the one that protects the adhesive. You’ll need to be careful when using a squeegee, as there isn’t a second peelable layer like most screen shields have. Speaking of installation, it’s pretty easy and standard. Simple peel part of the layer off of the film, and align it appropriately. Be sure to take your time, as a good screen shield installation really makes things look much better. Don’t be afraid to use a few pieces of scotch tape to remove any pieces of debris that might’ve gotten caught up under the screen protector. Once the installation is complete, you’re left with someone that’s quite nice.

Typical features of a glare-free screen protector includes far less glare, a much smoother touch surface, far fewer fingerprints, and less visible scratches. These iLuv screen protectors include all that, but one thing that I’ve really been impressed with is how well it attempts to prevent fingerprints. I’ve used several different anti-glare films in the past, and these seem to handle fingerprints the best. Even if some show up on your screen, a quick wipe of the display with, for example, your shirt, and they’re gone.

Overall, iLuv’s glare-free screen protector kit for the iPhone 5 is a great choice for those who are into anti-glare screen protectors, such as myself. While I would’ve loved to see one more included with your purchase, you’ll be happy with the 2 that are included.

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