[Review] id America Ice for iPhone 5 [Video]


A clearly simple case. The Ice by id America (Amazon) is a very simple ultra-clear $19.95 case for the iPhone 5. If ultra-clear isn’t your thing, you’ll find a frosted/soft version, dubbed the “Dry Ice,” also priced at $19.95 by id America.

For your money, you get the Ice, a front crystal-clear screen protector, a microfiber, and a squeegee for installing the front film. While the price of $20 isn’t too bad, I would’ve liked seeing it priced $5 less at $15, as it seems more reasonable for this simple of a case.

The case is as simple as it gets. There are 2 pieces that snap into place to keep everything held together. Cutouts? They’re all large and easily accessible. Lay-on-the-table design? It’s here.

The entire case is glossy, so you can expect plenty of fingerprints and scratches. Grip is also hard to come by. Also due to the glossy finish, the case easily slides around on a surface, and because it’s made of hard materials, the vibrator will come out much louder than with, say, TPU or silicone cases.

Due to the simplicity of this case, I’m not sure what else there is to say about the Ice by id America. It’s simple, scratch-prone, slim, slightly high in price, and a fingerprint magnet. And, quite honestly, I’ve seen better alternatives that are cheaper in price, so I’d shop around a bit if you’re looking for a simple 2-piece case that snaps together like this one.

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