[Review] More Color Gem Lucent for iPhone 5 [Video]


A unique bumper. That is all. By More is the Color Gem Lucent (Amazon), a polycarbonate bumper for the iPhone 5. It’s priced at $19.90, and is a pretty decent package overall.

First off, what’s included? Other than the Color Gem Lucent itself, you’ll be getting a crystal-clear screen protector for the front of your iPhone, a microfiber cloth, and a little home button cover. At $20, this is a decently priced package. Oh, one thing to note is that, if you want an anodized buckle, that’ll run you an extra $5.

The Color Gem Lucent itself is available in a number of different color options, with a few buckle variations available, as mentioned above. It fits very well onto the iPhone 5, and is quite comfortable to hold, thanks to the rounded sides. Cutout sizes are fine, with them all being large and easy to get to. For you lay-on-the-table design folks, there’s a small one with this bumper.

As with any bumper, don’t expect too much in terms of protection. If you plan on using this as your everyday “case” setup, I highly recommend getting a front and rear protection film.

There’s a little buckle that’s on the left side of the case, which keeps everything held together. In my testing, even a basic drop could have this coming apart, which results in your iPhone falling out of the case. So, again, this doesn’t provide you with very much protection for drops, only the sides of your iPhone 5.

With that being said, the Color Gem Lucent is still a great, quality product that’s priced appropriately. If you aren’t expecting much in regards to protection, this wouldn’t be a bad purchase.

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