[Review] More Craft Plus for iPhone 5 [Video]


Unique and interesting. If you’ve been looking for a case that uses a mix of wool felt and leather, the Craft Plus by More for the iPhone 5 (Amazon) might be your only option. It’s an excellent flip-open wallet-style case, priced at $44.90, that works really well overall.

I personally feel as though that the price is a bit high at $44.90, however the build quality and the quality of the materials is quite good. The stitching is excellent, and everything just feels solid.

As mentioned above, this is a flip-open wallet-style case. The “flipper” portion has room for two cards as well as for some notes/cash. The outside of this piece is primarily made of the wool felt material. Personally, I would’ve chosen the other case design (brown/canvas), as the wool felt material can easily come off (the fuzz), and it makes things a bit messy and cheap looking/feeling. However, the inside area contains some leather, which feels and looks great. The actual inside of the case his a polka dot design to it, which looks great. Your iPhone is held in place on the right side of the case with more leather holders. To actually install your phone, it’s as easy as removing the flap at the bottom, sliding your phone into place, and putting the flap back where it was, which holds everything into place securely. On the back of the case, you’ll find more leather material, and a pill-shaped cutout for the camera, which hasn’t provided any issues with the flash in my testing.

Overall, this is a quality case that uses unique materials that really makes you appreciate what you’ve just purchased. Again, I would personally go for the brown/canvas style, as you won’t have the fuzz falling off of the wool felt version.

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