[Review] More Granite Ultra Slim for iPhone 5 [Video]


Slim and stylish with a slightly high price. Just 0.65mm thin is More’s Ultra Slim snap-on back cover for the iPhone 5 (Amazon). Protection is kept to a minimal, but so is the bulk. The price is $19.90, which is slightly high for this simple case.

Fortunately, More typically includes extras with their products, and this is no exception. Included with your $19.90 purchase is a crystal-clear screen protector, home button sticker, and a microfiber cloth. Honestly, I think that $14.90 would’ve been a bit more reasonable for this case, but $5 more isn’t the end of the world.

The case itself is made of polycarbonate that has a fully glossy coating. Keep in mind that darker colors will show more scratches and fingerprints. An option for a matte coating would’ve been nice, as it practically eliminates those two things.

In terms of cutouts, you have large exposed areas at the top and bottom of the phone for everything that’s located there, but on the left side, you have one cutout for the silent switch, and one cutout for the two volume buttons, which is nicely shape, and is perhaps the best looking cutout on any snap-on back cover that I’ve taken a look at thus far.

As mentioned above, protection is kept to a minimum here. Likewise, the amount of added bulk is kept to a minimum. You won’t be able to tell that this case is even installed onto your iPhone 5. Just know that this case won’t help you much in the way of drops, but primarily with just scratches and small dings. There’s no front protection whatsoever, but that’s to be expected with these types of cases.

Overall, the More Ultra Slim seems to be one of the better back covers I’ve reviewed, and if these types of cases is what you’re typically into, I think you’d be happy with this.

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