[Review] SwitchEasy TONES for iPhone 5 [Video]


Is this the best case around? Possibly. Meet the TONES by SwitchEasy (Amazon), a case for the iPhone 5 that holds a similar design to that of the phone itself. Most cases tend to overdo things in terms of functionality and design, but the TONES? Dead simple, without being too simple. This is a case that is currently my favorite, and I don’t think anything will pass it anytime soon. You can pick the TONES up for about $25 from SwitchEasy’s website in a number of different colors.

First off, the case is priced at $25. And, since we’re dealing with SwitchEasy, you can expect plenty of extras with any of your purchases with them. For the TONES, you get, of course, the case itself, 2 crystal-clear screen protectors, a clear protector that covers the metal portion of the back of your iPhone, a microfiber cloth, a squeegee, 2 headset jack protectors, and 2 Lightning port protectors. As they say, you get everything but the kitchen sink. No other case company supplies this many extras with their products, and this is something that SwitchEasy has been doing for quite some time.

The case itself has sort of a two-tone design, hence the name. It’s very reminiscent of the ECLIPSE for the 4/4S. The back of the case actually represents quite closely the back of your actual iPhone 5, which is fantastic. Obviously, we have two different materials. First, we have the hard textured polycarbonate backing that’s also found on the inside of the case. We also have a soft rubberized texture that takes care of the front lip as well as the top and bottoms of the back of the case. Ultimately, this provides for a pleasant design and an increased amount of grip. It also helps with protection.

For cutouts and openings, the two volume button covers on the left side of the case take a little bit of extra effort to press, but you get a fair amount of feedback. The same goes for the power button, but it gives you a bit more of a “firm” click. The silent switch cutout is large and easy to get to. In regards to what’s at the bottom of the phone, you’ll find a moderately sized cutout for your 3.5mm headset jack, and a moderately sized cutout for your Lightning port. The microphone and speaker cutouts have individual holes that match up quite well with the holes that are actually at the bottom of your phone. Lastly, on the back of the case, we have a nicely sized pill-shaped cutout for the rear-facing camera, microphone, and flash. There’s a black lining around the cutout, which eliminates any issues with the flash that you might encounter when using it.

In the end, this is an absolutely superb case for the iPhone 5, and of the dozens of cases I’ve reviewed, this one makes it out as my favorite. Its simplistic design, quality, and price, all make for a great case that you just can’t go wrong for buying. If you don’t already have this case, then I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.

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