Nokia Announces New “Asha” Phones 205 And 206


Nokia has not only been working on Windows Phone 8, of course, and has thus now announced two new almost-smartphones that are now part of its “Asha” line.

The Asha phones are currently sold in areas where Windows Phone 8 is not yet available and are apparently quite popular. The Asha 205 comes with a QWERTY keyboard featuring a Facebook button while the Asha 206 comes with a standard number pad. The new Ashas both support Nokia’s new “Slam” which can share things between both the new Ashas as well as Android phones. Oddly, Windows Phone 8 is not supported.  The new Asha phones do have a USD price tage of $62 leading to the belief that you may be able to pick one up soon in the US. For more info, feel free to check out the source links below.

Source: Digital Trends, BGR