[Review] Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5 Case [Video]


A tough-looking design that packs protection without breaking the bank. Priced at about $35 comes the Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5 case, available in 6 different colors ($23.20; Amazon). Other than the name and the color, everything else about the case is exactly the same. There’s a plastic outer layer and a black TPU inner layer, both of which give you grip, style, and protection, all without adding much in the way of bulk.

Luckily, you get some basic extras included with your purchase, which includes a crystal-clear screen protector and a cleaning cloth. Typically, with most cases that are priced like this, I would mention something about the price being a bit high. However, the UAG case is different, as the quality, fit, and design are all top-notch. More on that in a bit. Packaging is also great, as it’s quite simplistic, which is what all companies should strive for.

As mentioned above, the case is made of TPU and plastic, both of which are molded together to give you plenty of protection and unique design elements. The inside of the case uses the TPU with a honeycomb pattern, which helps reduce weight and increase shock/drop protection. The outside of the case has UAG’s unique back design. It’s a bit hard to explain in text, so it’s better to check out our review video below. Everything comes together quite well, which makes things easy to hold in your hand. While it’s a little thicker than most cases, I found it to not be much of a problem at all. There’s a nice lay-on-the-table design, too.

For cutouts and button covers, you have two ever-so-slightly mushy volume button nubs. For the power button, you fortunately get a very clicky amount of feedback. The silent switch cutout is plenty large and easy to get to. You get the standard set of cutouts at the bottom of the iPhone, while on the back of the case, you get an oversized cutout for your camera and everything around it. I would’ve liked to see a smaller cutout, as these very large ones simply aren’t necessary.

When all said and done, I believe that this is perhaps one of the best choices when it comes to getting a case that looks unique, is executed properly, and simply works very well all around. The case justifies the price of $34.95, which doesn’t happen very often.


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