Uninstall Splashtop Remote Desktop (Streamer and Old/New Remote!)

splashtop remote desktop

I, like many, have been using Splashtop Remote Desktop to access my computer from not only other computers, but also from my iPhone. Recently, Splashtop has updated their apps for both desktop and mobile device to “2.0,” which is supposed to be a great update. However, I have recently made a change as well, from Splashtop to TeamViewer, which seems to run noticeably better on my PC even if it doesn’t have many of the features that Splashtop does. As such, I went to uninstall Splashtop completely (Remote and Streamer), and found I could not access the uninstall option from the Windows Control Panel. Finally, I figured out the solution.

If you have the Streamer and the Remote, bear in mind that they do not uninstall together.

For the Streamer, simply visit Splashtop’s website and click one of the many links to download the new Streamer. It will ask you if it has permission to update, so just let it run. After you have completed the install, you don’t even have to do anything more with Splashtop. Simply go to the Control Panel, sort by install date, and it should be there.

For the Remote, the only version of the remote that I can tell exists is 1.0. Even so, it is hard to find for PC. Click Here for the page to download the Remote for PC, and simply scroll down until you find your OS. After it is downloaded, simply install and uninstall just like the Streamer.

And that’s it! Splashtop makes a great product, but it isn’t for everyone, and the uninstall process was not very user friendly for me, so if you are having the same problems, I hope this helped!