Fun and FREE! #1: Hill Climb Racing


Fun and FREE! is by no means a review, but rather simply a headline that I may use occasionally to highlight some free games in the iTunes App Store that I have found to be of good quality.

For this first Fun and FREE!, I choose Hill Climb Racing by Fingersoft. The object of the game is to drive your car/SUV/buggy over an infinite number of hills that progressively get harder to surmount. There is no time limit, however the only limit that you have is your fuel which is appropriately used more as you tap (or tap and hold on the gas pedal) more.


You have two meters at the bottom. One is for your RPMs, and the other is for your boost. The RPM meter in HCR refers to how much power you have to get over hills, so do not mistake it for speed (as they are generally two different things to begin with). However, if you gain a basic knowledge of RPM then you will find this game much easier. As for boost, I have found that the more gas you use, the more boost you get, but not much. Regardless, it can help when you have mere inches to go before you can get over a hill.

As for vehicle and maps, they are plenty of them. They each have their own goals and cost, you buy them with in game currency.

In-app purchases are here, and it is nice to see that more games are coming out where it is not nearly as necessary to purchase in game currency as it once was. The same holds true for HCR. If you simply play the game as intended, you will have fun and progress. But, if you want to progress faster, you will have to pay up for the perks. This is great for the developers to have done this. In terms of price, I would like to have seen a $0.99 option added in the future, as $1.99 seems a bit much to pay considering how far into the game you actually have to get to make a good judgement on whether or not it is worth your coffee money, whereas $0.99 for a game like this is a no-brainer for quite a bit of fun. (Maybe a $0.99 option for simply coins and ad removal?) All purchases at the time of this writing remove the small ad at the bottom, which is unobtrusive during gameplay.

One more thing that I wanted to point out is how the menus’ lack of introduction makes up for itself. Right from launching the game, you are asked to choose a car, which at first I was a bit confused about, but then I realized that this is perfect. you don’t even need a title screen that delays people from playing your game that much more. So, all you need to do is put them right into the game. Choose a car (the Jeep is the only one available at first), a map (Countryside is the first available), and parts(though I don’t think that you can level-up any parts right away).

As you hit the start button on the parts screen, the game will instantly launch, and you simply have to tap the gas to go. When you fail, a quick score screen will appear and you can quickly tap out of it, go into the parts screen, or go back into the game very quickly. (You will see what I mean; simply keep tapping your thumb in the same spot). This is nice ,as when I fail, I like to get right back to where I was quickly, unless of course I have in-game money for upgrades.

Side note: The music is awesome.

If you liked this feature and would like to see more Fun and FREE! apps, then stay tuned to TTE!