[Review] Zeusmos for iOS – Install cracked apps without a jailbreak [Video]


Update 1/2/2013: It appears as though Zeumos might be dead. There is a new method that’s 100% free. Click here to see the tutorial.

Update 12/15/2012: The winner has been chosen! You’ll find the results at the bottom of this post.

*Disclaimer* This should only be used as a try-before-you-by sort of thing. Like an app? Buy it. Don’t like an app? Trash it.

When it comes to giving apps a good go before deciding whether or not to actually buy it, Apple’s iOS is the worst platform for that, with Windows Phone taking the lead with temporary “trials” for nearly all Marketplace applications. However, that doesn’t mean things have to be like that. In comes Zeusmos, an application that specifically tailored towards unjailbroken iOS devices that allows you to install cracked apps without the need of a computer. To the user, it works very much like Installous, although there are a lot of back-end server things that must be processed. Because of this, Zeusmos isn’t free. It’ll run you $15 per year, which is actually quite a small price to pay to be able to do such a thing without having to wait extremely long periods of time for a jailbreak. I’d like to thank UDIDregistrations.com for allowing me access to a Zeusmos account. If you’re interested in Zeusmos, definitely give their website a visit.

To get things started, here’s our small gallery of screenshots.

Getting Zeusmos is easy. Once the guys over at UDIDregistrations.com processed my review request, I received an email with the instructions. Ultimately, it involved me making an account over on Zeusmos’s website with the promo code that I was given, and I eventually received to a download link for Zeusmos. Each download is specific to your device, so anybody can’t just head on over to the website and grab the download.

Most of the menus are self-explanatory, so we won’t explain what each tab contains.

The actual process is like this:

  • Once you choose an app, Zeusmos quickly downloads the app to their servers for processing.
  • Once it’s downloaded, the contents of the .IPA file are extracted.
  • After the extraction, the app is then codesigned to be installed specifically on your device.
  • Post-codesigning, the app is repackaged into a new .IPA file, and is stored on Zeusmos’s servers.
  • You can then download and install the .IPA like you would any other application.

As mentioned in the introduction, this sort of things demands quite a bit of server resources, especially when more users are using the service. So, again, $15 per year is such a small price to pay for the convenience.

I’ve tested Zeusmos with a number of applications, all of which worked without a problem. It’s really interesting how well everything is put together and how well everything seems to work.

There’s one special and exclusive feature to Zeusmos, which is called “Exclusive Apps.” These apps are from Cydia and, despite being unjailbroken, will still run and can be used. Some of these applications include MxTube, ProTube, iFile, and more. You can even install the original YouTube application (yes, the one that was removed in iOS 6) that has been slightly modified to fit the iPhone 5′s screen properly. At the time of this review, this section isn’t fully working yet, however it is said that it will actually be worked on sometime tonight, so I’ll update this post whenever I get a chance to mess with them.

Overall, Zeusmos does what it’s advertised as doing, and it does it very well. Everything is quick, simple to use, and it ultimately works as you’d expect it to.

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Giveaway Winner

The giveaway is over! I’ve compiled a large list of usernames (for those who entered via the comments below) as well as people’s Twitter names (for people who entered that way). If you don’t remember, entrants were allowed to enter via both methods once per day until the ending date, which was actually yesterday, but I let it go ’till today.

The top 5 are:

  1. Bradlasham
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  3. Jordan bowker
  4. Matthew Campbell
  5. Farhad Tahir
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        The Display Recorder by BUGUN software that was on the App Store works, you’d just need to find a link for it.

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          Thank you, but I have lready bought that Display Recorder, and it lags a lot.

      • http://twitter.com/Crosby87871 JOHN CROSBY

        That’s a shame..oh well, at least iFile will work ;) one quick question, why won’t it work?

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    Cool. I’m curious as to how this kind of code signing could be useful for starting developers who don’t want to fork over 99 until they have at least played around with software development on IOS

    • Jonsie

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    • besweeet

      There are several ways where you can compile an app in Xcode to be transferred to a device without a developer account.

      • Jonsie

        But you have to be jailbroken to do so. I.E. to bypass code signing.

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