[Review] iCarbons two-tone skin set for iPhone 5 [Video]


When it comes to giving your iPhone 5 some basic protection, simple skins are a pretty safe way to go. Some skins also make your device pretty unique, which is the case for the iCarbons two-tone skin set for the iPhone 5. The full set will run you about $27, which includes front, side, and back pieces. How well does it all work, and is it worth the purchase?

An early spoiler would render the answer to be a big “yes.”

The skin set itself is pretty standard the way these carbon fiber-like skins go. They peel off of their respective sticker paper without a problem, and stick very well onto your device. Alignment is pretty easy, but I found the most difficult piece to be the front one. The sides are quite narrow, so you’ll need to pay extra attention to them while laying them down. Unless it’s aligned perfectly, you most likely won’t be able to use the little home button cover, as I didn’t.

If you’re planning on using the side strip, please keep in mind that if you want to use a case, like a bumper (I suppose it’s not really a case), you’ll have to leave the side strip off. I say “strip,” because it’s just one long strip, rather than multiple pieces, which helps with alignment and overall unity of what you place onto the side.

Once everything is installed, you’re left with a setup that looks quite slick. Photos and videos honestly don’t do the skin justice, as it looks quite nice, especially out in the sun. The shade of the red coloring is superb, and it matches extremely well with the bumper that I used, as you’ll briefly see in the review video below.

While the price of $26.95 sounds a bit odd to me ($24.99 sounds better), the skin set works rather well, and gives your iPhone 5 some surface protection while making it look neat. If black and red isn’t your thing, other color (as well as material) options are available from the iCarbons website.

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