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Microsoft Surface Pro finally makes a debut today after lot of waiting and anticipation. A tablet, a laptop, or a hybrid, lets find out.

Surface Pro is available for sale today. It comes in 64 GB or 128 GB storage capacities and sold through Microsoft physical or online stores, Staples, and Best Buy at a price of $899 for 64 GB and $999 for 128 GB. Surface Pro gives a tablet experience but comes with superb hardware which can get you a 10.6-inch screen ultra book experience using an optional keyboard. However, the superb hardware and little larger screen size than a normal tablet come with a half pound additional weight and couple of hundred dollars more in cost. Is it worth it? – Well it depends how you want to use.



Price:   $999(128 GB SSD)/899 (64 GB SSD)

Memory:  4 GB, 1,600 MHz DDR3

Processor:  1.7 GHz Intel Core i5-3317U

Weight:    2 Pounds

Screen size (Diagonal): 10.6 Inches

Operating system: Windows 8 Pro

How is it difference as compared to older brother Surface RT launched in October last year?

Surface Pro looks similar to RT but this tablet is heavier and thicker than RT. However, it has higher resolution screen (1920×1080 pixels) than RT (1366×768 pixels). What makes Surface Pro different than RT or even any other tablet in the market is its notebook like hardware and stylus which support handwriting recognition.

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 11.21.30 AM

Surface RT launched in October uses limited version of Windows 8 called RT and runs on a processor very similar to smartphone. It’s start screen is oriented for tablet interface and apps but it can only run four standard Windows desktop programs in limited editions (Microsoft’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note). The Surface Windows 8 Pro is powered by Intel third generation Core i5 processor used in higher version of computers or notebooks of Windows 8. The hardware is capable of running any Windows application that you can run on your desktop or Windows notebook.  Using optional thin Microsoft keyboard ($130) or other keyboards and Desktop interface new Surface tablet Pro acts as replacement for Windows notebook, in particular ultra book.

Microsoft had upper hand in handwriting recognition with a decade long experience in tablet PCs and One Note software. So, if you are fan of writing your notes, this is the tablet you want. The navigating on desktop interface is much easier and allows for jotting notes or editing documents. Microsoft One Note application is excellent to write and maintain handwritten and typed notes in an organized manner. Surface Pro also has corporate-friendly security features not found on the RT.  This should be a hit with medical and corporate professionals.

On the Downsides fewer port, less storage and high price is another factors to consider before buying this product.


Power Hungry: The new surface pro is expensive and power hungry as compared to best leading tablets in market.  It’s battery life is disappointing and more ports would be nice. The battery life is only approx 5 hours which is poor for a tablet.

Weight: It weighs 2 pounds, which is 40% heavier and thicker than the heaviest i Pad. It  is light for a laptop but anvil-like for a tablet. As with the first, it’s a multi-touch 10.6-inch tablet that has some of the attributes of a laptop, such as a USB port and snap-on key boards. But unlike the first, this new tablet is capable of running full-featured Windows 8, though at a price—in dollars, bulk and battery life.

Ease of use: The kick stand works far better on table. It is also too difficult to use in your lap. It’s something of a twiner—a compromised tablet and a compromised laptop.

Storage and Price: The Surface Pro starts at $899—$400 more than the base model of the biggest, newest i Pad or the base Surface RT. To be fair, this entry-level Surface Pro has 64 gigabytes of storage, four times what the base i Pad offers. But an i Pad with the same 64 GB is $699. A higher-end Surface Pro model with twice the storage costs $999, but an i Pad with the same amount of storage is $200 less. Not only that, but the keyboard covers cost extra—$130 for the one with movable keys, which brings the price to over $1,000.

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