5 Types of Internet Connections and How They Are Different

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There are several different ways to connect to the Internet that will give you a powerful connection and let you browse the Internet in no time. Depending on where you live, not all Internet connections are available, so you may have to shop around. Here are five types of Internet connections for you to look into.

Cable: Most Common High-Speed Internet Connection

Cable is the most common type of high-speed Internet used today. You can easily add Internet service to your current cable package for a nominal monthly fee. Most cable companies offer different packages depending on the speed you require for your Internet needs, and the number of computers in your house that will run off of it. They’ll usually offer high-speed Internet at a reduced cost if purchased as part of a package deal.

DSL: One of the Cheaper Options of Internet Service

DSL Internet connection is usually provided by your local phone company and can also be modified to provide Internet service to a certain number of computers in your home. The speed is slightly different than a cable modem provides, but the cost may make the difference worthwhile. Another advantage to DSL over cable is you’re not sharing the modem line with other subscribers in your area. The line is hardwired directly to your house, so there is no “down time” when a lot of people are logged on. You might need to have at least one phone line connected through the company in order to add DSL.

WiFi: Most Convenient High-Speed Connection

WiFi is the best option if you have a laptop or handheld devices you want to use around the house. You can set the WiFi connection up on all of your wireless devices and use them from anywhere in the house, perhaps even outside if the signal is strong enough. You need to be careful to keep your WiFi protected from hackers. Be sure to set up a password that only you know.

3G/4G: High-Speed Wireless Connection for Smartphone and Devices

If you already have a 3G or 4G cell phone, you can set your other wireless devices directly to the connection and use them anywhere you take your cell phone. If you use your laptop or handheld device on the road a lot, using your high speed cell is the best connection for you.

Satellite: Viable Option for Those Without Cable and DSL

Satellite service is great if you live in a rural area that doesn’t provide cable modem or DSL service. You can set up a satellite on you property and choose from several  Satellite Internet Plans to log on to the Internet. The speed is usually matched to the speed of a cable modem, and will allow you to connect more than one computer to your service.

There are many different factors that should be taken into consideration when determining what type of Internet connection to use, including the number of computers that will be hooked to the modem, whether you have wireless needs, and cost. Factor all of this in when you do your research on these five types of connections, and choose the one that is best for you.



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