Top 10 Apps for Web Developers


1. ConnectBot

ConnectBot is powerful SSH Client for Android powered devices. You can access your remote network or other remote networks right from your phone. This app has some great features that stand out. It provides screen gesture supports and non standard support ssh port support. If you looking for a competitive products to compare ConnectBot at a deep dive level try Hackers Key board, bot Sync or Lazy Geek.

 2. Teamviewer HD

If you ask someone which computer remote control service they use, chances are that they’ll say TeamViewer. Team viewer is a all in one solution. With version 8, several new features have been added, such as remote sound & video, Windows 8 support, session handover, remote printing, session recording, scheduled meetings, retina display support, deeper integration with Outlook, and more. You’ll find the full list of changes in Team Viewer 8 below. If you’re ready to download it, you’ll find the Windows link here, Mac OS X link here, and the Linux link here.

 3. bMonitor

One of the many nightmare scenarios for an IT professional is having servers go down while you’re out of the office and not knowing about it. This app on your work phone can help to keep you updated on status of your servers.This app is use ful if there are several applications or processes required to run on server all the time.


BMonitor rings you a phone if servers doesn’t work. It works by testing servers remotely via ping, port or Web page monitoring. Want to knowmore? You can install this app on your phone and have BMonitor call different staff members from your team.  All errors and other events are automatically logged in a text file on your phone.

 4. Drop box

If you’re a user of Dropbox’s cloud storage solutions, you might already know that you can receive double the amount of space from referrals. Previously, you’d be able to get 250MB of extra space when having people sign-up using your referral link, that has gone up to 500MB. Head on over to Dropbox’s referral page (requires you to login) to start signing your friends up. If you aren’t familiar with Dropbox, it’s a free and powerful web-based file storage service. It easily allows you to upload your files, and even allows you to share them with people. It integrates deeply into your regular desktop OS, and mobile apps are available. This app can also integrate with productive app on Iphone.such as, cue, cloudon, paperless and Jotnot Scanner Pro.

 5. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting can host unlimited meetings, webinars or training from your iPad, iPhone or Android device. This app even allows you to share documents and your screen, and if you have a webcam, face time, too. Meeting attendees capacity is up to 25 attendees and no matter your location this service offers conference calls from anywhere with an Internet connection.

 6. 1Password

1Password provides build-in functionality to store all passwords and user ID in your dropbox. This app is beautiful and functional. You can store any sorts of information such as password, website, note etc with a Login. It can use iCloud, multiple IOS device or Dropbox to securely sync your information to other devices.


This app is introduced by Lysesoft. ANDFTP can mange FTP Services, Device file browser and FTP Device file browser. This app allows you to add drop box functionality on your phone.


You can share small to very large files quickly with users based on permissions. While operating this app you need to enter basic information host name, user name and password. Once you provide all that information you will see more options such as SSH key etc. This app is powered by Android.

 8. Linux Command

This app has 570 Linux commands. Each command includes the name of the command, syntax, description, and command options. This is a great app if you work with Linux desktop and want to keep pocket reference of Linux commands. This app is powered by Android.

 9: Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager consists of file utility, process management utility and backup utility in one app. It can organize your data in folders and even display the usage statistics about your phone. Any file on phone can be accessed and not limited to SD card.

 10. Wifi Analyzer

This app is from farproc. Wifi Analyzer helps you choose right channel on which to run wireless routers and access points. If your Wireless network is slow, this  app can helps you   choose the right channel.

  • Aliasgar Babat

    Additionally, RHUB web conferencing appliances can also be used to host unlimited web conferences. It uses floating licenses and hence has no limitation on number of users joining the session.