Prerequisites for Software Implemented in School Administration

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In this technology driven world, both the important and the unimportant aspects take refuge in some or the other latest software application. While managing institutions such as a bank, a lot of information needs to be accessed every other day because of which efficient software needs to be selected. In schools, student data needs to be managed and kept track of; all the daily responsibilities need to be made simple and communication with staff as well as parents need to be clear and on time. Therefore, the software should be designed to fulfill these requirements. Searching for the right software will help you to give more time to actually educate your students. The requirements for school administration based software are elucidated below.

Online Registration:

For activities that require collection of money, it becomes hectic for teachers to go through the tedious task of ensuring all the students have made the payment. For this reason, the software feature should include the facility of processing “credit cards” for payment and “online registration” for each of the student. This will help both faculty and students. The involvement of teacher will reduce and parents can directly pay for their wards, gaining firsthand knowledge of all the activities taking place in the class such as camping, picnic, annual functions, sports and other co-curricular activities. Students and parents can also keep track of the payment with secured transaction process through “online registration modules”. This also helps to avert perturbing the administration with questions on the amount due to be paid, history of payment as well as knowledge of the status of registrations made.

Customizing Reports:

The software should also be able to customize reports to create database and record of account analysis, financials, vendors, encumbrance, banking and purchase orders. This will simplify the process of finding out the exact figures as and when required by school authority instead of wasting time in scrolling through unnecessary database which will only waste time. The software to be selected should make allowance for exporting data in all categories of files such as Microsoft Excel, Lotus, Crystal Reports and other important file types as this will help to find affinity with all types of operating systems.

Track the Textbook:

With the help of potent module to track textbook, you can track and manage textbooks for teachers and students from one location and distribute it accordingly. Use a single, centralized program to assemble the various textbook debts, keep a ck on the “sale” and “purchase” history of each book as well as monitor and record the “damage inventory”. This module will effectively reduce the workload of the staff and maintain a constant monitoring of the “textbook lifecycle”.

Fee Payment:

For the purpose of easing the process of payment of fees and donations, you will need to search for the software which includes the module of “online donations and fees”. You can also include fundraising in the module and involve students, parents and faculty to make contributions through secured online payment process and tools for donation. This donation will be inclusive of all types ranging from automated “tax-deductible” receipts to a simple fundraiser for a team or a class. It is also be better for your school management system if a “broadcast email” tool is included in the donation module as it will ensure communication with existing and potential donors.

Student Database:

Finally, keeping the student data secured in one location which is centralized should be maintained with the help of a “student database” module. This module should allow access to all student information with ease and also ensure a simple and easy process to keep the records up-to-date. Authorized access along with full control over the security aspect, especially the accounts and financials should also be ensured through the software.


To conclude, it can be said that the software which is included in your school administration must be effective in taking up the place of all the paperwork which is nothing but time-consuming. When you select the software, keep the above features in mind. It will help you to actually save up on a lot of time to function properly in educating children.

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