id America Spark Headphones Review


The id America Spark headphones come in a variety of color combinations including aluminum silver (which I have for review).  The Spark headphones retail for $59.95 on id America’s website or you can find it for less on Amazon (prices may vary).

The id America Spark headphones are meant to look like a spark plug, which is where the name comes from. The interior portion of the headphones do look like the end of a spark plug. But, unlike a spark plug, the headphones are lightweight. I expected the headphones to have some weight to them, but the headphones do not lack in build quality even though they are lightweight. The headphones feature two layers of aluminum casing and are made of lightweight aluminum. The Spark headphones come with a hard-shell leather case. Also included are the standard small, medium, and large earbuds.

The headphones have a built in microphone and multifunctional button. The button allows the user to skip and replay tracks, answer and decline calls, and play and pause music. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is a 90 degree angle jack and is gold plated. The cable included with this pair of headphones is the standard cable but does not tangle as much as most standard headphone cables.

The headphones have some good sound quality and sound is clear and crisp. The headphones have bass but it is not thumping bass like I like. The headphones are meant more for mellow songs than bass heavy songs. Treble is present, but sometime the treble is a buzzing like sound, which causes distortion in the vocals.

Overall, the Spark headphones could use some improvements, but for those looking for a stylish looking headphones, the Spark has you cover. For the price of these headphones (around $40- $50), I would recommend looking into a different pair of headphones.