How to Get Better, More Efficient Customer Service that Really Addresses Your Concerns


We all want to be treated respectfully, especially if we are a paying customer of a product or service. This is even truer when we have a specific concern or question that has been plaguing us for a while. But more often than not, when you make a call to a company, you will not get the answers you are seeking. So how do you make sure that you can get great customer service, even through the telephone?

What do you want to get from the call?

The first thing to remember is that you are speaking with someone whose job it is to help you, but these people are not mind readers. You have to be clear in your request and explain what you want in a concise way. If you know what you want and ask clearly for it, then you have a better chance of getting the answer you are expecting – and even more.

Why are you calling? It is best to know this from the beginning, even before you make the call. Would you like to avail of an offer? Are you seeking to cancel your subscription? Are you calling to get a refund? Speak to the representative in plain terms. If you have a number of concerns or questions, then make a list before you call and go through this list one by one so you are not likely to forget anything and waste your time giving them a ring again.


Don’t forget to ask for a reference or tracking number

In order to avoid getting the runaround and being relegated to oblivion, do not forget to ask for a tracking or reference number. If possible, ask for the representative’s name and keep note of the date and time of the call. If you feel that you are not getting the answers you deserve, then you can also opt to record the call with your smart phone. Let the agent know you are doing this, and they will be more careful in handling your call and will be more likely to give you the attention you are looking for.


Be polite and respectful

If you want respect, you have to be prepared to give it as well. The representative you are speaking to is also a person and would react positively to a polite, measured, and calm tone and manner than someone who is stark raving mad. You can even gain the complete upper hand in the conversation by disarmingly asking them a mundane question such as how they are doing. This can work wonders for the effectiveness of your call.

Remember to say thank you and please. If the representative will check on something for you and will put you on hold, then thank them for it. If you are looking to cancel a service, don’t forget to say the P word and your exact reasons for cancelling.

The important thing is to have a goal, be clear, and be as patient and polite as possible. Of course, getting the right number to contact is a must as well, especially if you are dealing with a utility company such as British Telecom. Get the right BT customer services phone number and you are on your way to a highly satisfactory exchange.