Tips on Solving Simple Issues of iOS7


Many of us have already bought the brand new iOS7 systems for themselves. Millions of people have already mentioned their verdict on online platforms about the functionality and user friendliness of the system. However, there are still many people who are not yet comfortable with certain features of the operating system. Some of these features are too difficult for the common man to resolve and some don’t get enough time to resolve them on their own. This is the main reason, why such people should read this article which is particularly about the most common issues that have been faced by thousands of people in the recent times with iOS7. However, all these issues can be resolved in few simple steps.

Now, the parallax motion is something that many apple iPhone users are facing nowadays. Although Apple did release an update earlier this month to ensure that the user interface grows healthy, still many people are not getting the right key to unlock the problem with parallax and motion. The main concern of all these users is the animations that spread all over the iOS7.

To remove the parallax effect, first, the users will need to open the setting option from the main menu of the phone. Then they will be required to tap upon the general tab. The users will then need to scroll up and down to select a certain option and that is Accessibility. The next step will be to tap upon the reduce motion tab. You will need to press upon it that is the toggle to ensure that the option is enabled. Once the option gets enabled, there will be fewer issues with the motion effects within the entire iOS7 system.

Disabling background Application

With Apple, the updates always run. Now, with the latest version of iOS7, you now no longer will need to depend upon the refresh button, as data can be instantly put across your mobile screen, as with this system, it is being fetched continuously in the background. However, this advancement in iOS7 is causing problems for certain users. For example, you don’t want the data to pop up when you are watching a movie or reading a PDF document upon the iPhone screen.

There are very simple rules that will help you to get rid of the automatic refresh option. This will also help you in checking the usage of data. First, you will need to open the settings option. Then, you will be required to go through the general tab. After selecting the option, you will have to scroll and then find the option of Background App Refresh. Now, the next and the final step are to make sure that you select all or certain apps to disable from fetching data from the background.


All these steps are very easy to follow and won’t even take much of your time to do it on your own. You don’t need to consult an iPhone store for executing such simple tasks, as they can be easily performed on your own. Now, it is time to enjoy your iOS7 like never before.

Summary: iOS7 has been recently been released and has already received a huge fan following. The system is much easier and smoother and is featured with simple user-interface.

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