6 Most Wanted Accessories For Your BlackBerry

There are many smart phones out on the market today. However, few have the style and unique features of BlackBerry phones. Once you have purchased your BlackBerry phone, or if you own one already, it is time for you to customize it with the latest accessories. No matter what type of features you are looking for, there is undoubtedly a BlackBerry accessory that will do the job.

1. BlackBerry Leather Pocket


 Image via Flickr by markhillary

 Because you love your new (or old) BlackBerry phone, you shouldn’t leave its protection to chance. Protect it from scratches and dings with the BlackBerry Leather Pocket. Now, you can extend your phone’s battery life because your phone’s backlight will automatically switch off when you slide it in to the case.

2. BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle

No matter where you’re going, you can always have an adequately charged battery with the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle. This charger allows you to charge your BlackBerry while also charging a backup battery at the same time. Never again will you have to worry about your battery running out, especially in those desperate times when you walk out of the house and realize you forgot to charge your phone.

3. BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker

For those of you that must have music on at all times, the BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker is a must-have accessory. The Mini shaped into a “U” so you can clip it to your clothes, backpack or purse. The interface is simple and has only a power button, a volume control and a play/pause button. Not only does it play music, but it also has a speakerphone available if you need to make a call.


4. iGrip Perfektfit Car Cradle Charger

You should never be fumbling with your phone while you are driving. To keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, you should check out a car cradle charger. With suction cups on the back, it easily adheres to your car’s windshield. From there, you can charge your phone, or simply dock it in the cradle for storage.

If you use GPS on your phone, having the cradle is a no-brainer for getting directions without having to hold your phone. A lot of these accessories are for newer BlackBerry phones, so find BlackBerry Q10 online, to have the latest phone from BlackBerry.

5. BlackBerry Flip Shell Case

Balancing protection with functionality, the flip shell case is a great option for those of you that use your phones for video and others who are a little rough on their phones. Made of hard shell plastic to save your phone from the most horrific of drops the case flips open and provides a stand for hands-free use. The case is also battery-friendly. It turns your phone off automatically when closed, and powers it up again when in use.

6. BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset

If you enjoy music, but don’t want everyone to hear that you’re listening to something embarrassing, the premium stereo headset is perfect. It offers quality sound on both the bass and treble end, something not often found in cheaper headphones. Not only can you listen to media, but you can take phone calls as well.

While there are many accessories on the market, deciding which ones work for you is an exciting problem to explore. The BlackBerry provides an array of creative options and sleek style that will pair nicely with your new accessories.

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