A Bloggers Guide on How to Build Your Following on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. It is based around sharing of photos. Instagram is quite different from other such applications because of its social component. With Instagram, you can easily interact with other people, adore their photos and follow their lives. Even if you’re not on Instagram, you must have seen photos from this application all over the web. Instagram photos are usually characterized by distinct frames and filters. This is also very useful for bands or models to get noticed without a publicist. For example, a Toronto band could have great music and garner their attention from social media and take off as the new hottest thing.

In recent years, many business organizations have also realized the importance of social media networks to generate more leads. Red Bull is one such company which has been quite active on Instagram. Red Bull has been posting photos from its advertisements, Formula One races and other promotional events. The kind of humor and sarcasm portrayed by the company in its photos has been able to attract a major section of the young crowd. In this article, we will give you some key tips about building your following on Instagram.

Share Relevant, Humanized Photos

One of the most important things you will notice on Instagram is that people post certain photos which are relevant, humanized, personal and relatable. Such photos can help their audience easily connect with them. These photos can include current activities you are involved in, inspirational scenery, behind-the-scene photos and so on. Such photos don’t even have to be perfect. They should make your audience feel that they have been taken by another person, and not a brand.

Social media is all about connecting with your audience. Therefore, if you give them great photos, you will get some great response. If your photos look real, your audience will like them, comment on them and keep following you for more photos. In simple words, if you are looking to build a community of followers, you should not boast about things on Instagram. Keep it basic, simple and real.

Connecting Facebook Account

Most of the people often overlook one basic thing. They don’t connect their Instagram profile with their Facebook account. The main reason for connecting your two accounts is that Instagram is part of Facebook. Hence, any activity on Instagram gets more priority while being streamed on Facebook. In other words, every time you take a photo or like it, your story is shared on your friend’s Facebook feed. This gives your brand more exposure. In time, you will be able to attract a lot more followers. Moreover, when you connect your Facebook account, it becomes easier for your friends to find you. This also goes for companies, having a Facebook or Instagram account is great to show the world that you have done. For example, the people at http://ontarioexteriorsolutions.ca/ show the doors they’ve installed on their Facebook page making it a secondary form of advertising.

Use Popular, Relevant Hashtags

Whenever you take a photo, you should hashtag it with a popular and relevant tag. This will get you some more exposure. There are many Instagram users who search for hashtags on some particular topics. It is always better to add 1-3 hashtags with every photo. More than 3 look like spam, and people tend to avoid such photos. While using hashtags, you give more opportunities to a photo to be found and interacted. If more people are able to find and interact with your photos, it is likely that they will check your Instagram profile and follow you for more photos.

Consider Types of Filter to Use

‘Filters’ was the feature that made Instagram instantly popular. Filters make every photo more beautiful and unique. If your photos are more inspirational, breathless and memorable, people will engage with your photos. Thus, they will hope for more photos in future and follow you.

Engage with Your Audience

When we talk about social media networks, it is very important to engage with your audience. When people like your photos or comment on them, they expect the same from you. Therefore, you need to engage as much as you can with other people’s photos. In simple words, if you are more active on Instagram, your account or username will be more exposed. In time, the number of your followers will significantly increase. When you like someone’s photo, the person feels appreciated and returns the favor.

Currently, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks. Moreover, it is constantly updating its services and keeps publishing a lot of new tips and tricks. You can even visit the Instagram blog to get more information about latest features that can help you build your following on Instagram.

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