Courier software – Improve Customer Service With a Incredible Software

Courier software is new and updated software in market which is very helpful for courier companies in different ways. It helps the companies in faster dispatch of orders, verifying address and easy billing process. You can set up the courier software in an hour. Its web order system is easy to use and understandable by the customers. Price rate of this software is extremely affordable and competitive since it has no hidden extra charges. Customers can meet their expectations with this software.

You can run small delivery service to national level trucking company with the help of courier software. It is fully featured and helps all established and start-up companies. Once you start using this software, your business will start making the most advanced solutions and you will start meeting your growing needs. It is user friendly since online ordering package is available for this software. It saves a lot of your time since it works with a single click of your mouse. Don’t waste time by clicking; better use your precious time in growing your business. It will give you confident and complete satisfaction.

The features and functions of courier software are as follows by which people are almost meeting their needs:

  • Quicker – Sending orders, updating statuses, returning PODs are done very quickly, errorless with boost up efficiency in the real time. It is capable to perform on any type of cell phone or network.
  • Books – It is the only software which offers you QuickBooks integration lively. Importing and exporting is not needed. You can see 80 percentage of decrease in invoicing time. It reduces mistakes and saves your time.
  • Customer satisfaction – Ordering and tracking can be done at any time by online which makes easy for the customers to do business. It has auto filling entry feature which helps you to fill your order entry faster.
  • Flexibility – It provides you flexible pricing options and prices are automatically calculated depending on the distance, zone or flat rates.
  • Remote dispatch – It can go anywhere at any time. So you no need to stick with your office. You will get incoming orders to your mobile phone automatically.
  • Efficient – It has integration with Google maps and hence helps you in determining the best route to get the job done.
  • Response time – Your response time is increased since you can easily know where your drivers and orders are with the help of 15 seconds refreshment.
  • Secondary licenses – You can install it in any computers and on all computers, even in mobile or laptop with the help of internet connection. It helps you in business growth.

Thus use proper software to face this competitive world and to retain your existing customers and also to make new customers. It is very important to use best and updated technology which is convenient to both the company and the customers. Mistakes done by the company is the largest detriment to customer service. It can be easily avoided by courier software since most of its tasks are automated and it has feature of catching up the mistakes before they happen. It helps the customers with the smother ride of courier service.


  • Angelina Sofia

    Courier software is a must-have schedule management tool for
    anyone who has a courier business. It supports infinite number of profiles and
    has a well-organized navigation system. The program has data export, password
    protection and printing features.