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Alright, so in case you’ve heard and read a lot of news about it but you’re still wondering, the term web hosting refers to an internet service that enables the user to make their website available online and easily accessible through the World Wide Web. Web hosting services are provided by IT firms called web hosting companies. These companies provide space on servers owned or set aside for use by clients providing internet connectivity at the same time. Internet connectivity is achievable through use of data centers.

Each web hosting company has a scope that greatly differs from others. The basic and common scope is the web page. Here, small firms are able to upload files using file transfer protocol (ftp) or any web interface. Most internet providing companies usually provide this service free of charge or at a much lower price compared to other web hosting companies. The price for web hosting is not fixed and is determined by the nature of the website. Personal website hosting is cheaper while business web hosting is quite expensive. Very cheap web hosting services comes in variety and are as follows:

  • Free web hosting service –This service is available from different web hosting company and comes with services that are limited. It can be supported by advertisements and is limited when compared to web hosting that is paid for. In terms of services, this is the very cheap web hosting service
  • Reseller web hosting -This service gives clients an opportunity to become web hosts by themselves. This service could be for individuals Domain; the accounts under this service vary greatly in sizes.
  • Dedicated web hosting service –This is the best service especially for large businesses and corporate. It gives the user full control of their website allowing the user to make any update. However, it is to be noted that this does not mean that the user now owns the server.
  • Managed web hosting service –This enables the user to get his or her own server but is not permitted to get full control over it. This is so as to avoid the user creating any problem through modifications.
  • Collocation web hosting services – This is not different from the dedicated web hosting service. However, unlike in the dedicated hosting, the user is permitted to own the colo server. In many cases, this service only provides; internet access, electrical, and storage services to the user making it the moat expensive web hosting service.
  • Cloud hosting – This is the latest and reliable type of web hosting. It grants customers most reliable and scalable web hosting services. This service is reliable because failure of one system does not affect any. In addition, cloud hosting services allows providers to charge users only for used resources.

These are just a few of web hosting services. Upon choosing which one suits your preferences, one is advised to not only look for the price, but also the services and reliability. Remember to choose a budget that you cater for easily. You are required to pay some amount of money annually.

Author Bio: Alex Mattew, the author of this article.

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