The Age of Information and Technology


The era of technology or the era of digital life is the one in which everyone will be able to freely send and receive information over the internet related to anything. In addition, the access to the information will be free as well, which was not possible in the previous eras. The current age we live in is the digital or the computer age, with such technological advancements that were not seen before.

Nowadays, it is also very feasible for different businesses to deal with different other business entities and get work done in no time. For example, online B2B is now very common. In the marketing and printing areas of a business, people have started to outsource their parts of businesses so that in no time marketing is strategized and printing for the materials to be used in the process is done online. This way, the customers can be targeted in time through effective and low cost marketing tactics. For example, different online sites make online business folders for their client companies. When this is done, different clients can place their orders. For them, the carefully made marketing material is printed through a simple print business folders command and delivered to them in time,

The data remains safer and secure. No client can run through the data of others and the online companies keep the data saved.  The online business tactics are becoming popular and with IT being the support, anything is possible online.


Trojans, viruses, malwares etc have all been a major threat to the computer world and even the smart gadgets industry. You may never know what you are downloading on your computer or a smart device until you have run the file and then it is too late. Malwares are one of the many threats that have major consequences over the running of systems. The errors they create may be fatal to the systems and the data may be lost or manipulated.

Since the inception of the internet, online threats have been the major issue for all the computer and network systems. Malwares and the Trojans have been known to reside with any downloadable file from a third party website, which has the pirated version of the software. The hidden virus files get downloaded with the.exe file and then is automatically installed with the systems in a memory space that boots the system or has the system files of the OS. The files then are corrupted, and the whole system security may compromise.

However, with secure connections of internet and data recovery, security is at high alert. IT has always been the backbone of technology and was initiated so that without any foul play or any error, the computer systems all around the world could be connected easily to each other through sub networks. This way the flow of information would be easier as well as freely accessible. It has been a notion that internet will never be destroyed in one go. So many internet hubs, power supplies, computers, servers etc are now placed everywhere around the world that the internet would never be rooted out until eternity. Even if the internet at some places is disturbed, the systems have technology to re-route the information again to the same passage that was lost due to any damage in the internet area.


Internet was the idea of DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency). This association was mainly focusing on the information sending/ receiving and deriving new technology for the US military. After it had the idea of the internet generation, its focus was file sharing and the email transfer. However the geek minds behind the computer systems realized that they could no longer just sit there and email everything, they started to develop the roots of the internet and now it is such a huge network that anything can be done online related to IT and ICT.

DARPA has now stepped into computer networking and finding out patterns of information online so that they can keep track of the behavior of every other person online. Nowadays everyone has a link to the internet in the form of emails, social media apps, logins on different sites, chatting etc. Patterns of interest are found on the basis of the sites visited and the pages viewed, that is why on many ads sites, you may be bale to see the tag ‘recommended links/pages for you’. This is the way you have been idealized by the defense structure of your country as well. The secret agency websites know all the attitudes and behaviors of the people in their country and that is how everyone is tracked down if needed, so easily.


Where internet is the support of information and the backbone of technology, it has many disadvantages as well. The open media and the tracking down of people are something that is ruining the lives of public. The thinking patterns of children are being manipulated and they are growing up before their age of maturity.

To know more on such topics, you can easily log on to the informative websites so that you will be able to know more on the criticality of the techno era or the digital age.