Responsive Web Designing and Its Importance to Business


There are many reasons behind responsive websites being on demand nowadays. The first reason might be the user experience. Almost every individual has access to smart mobile phones, thanks to companies like Samsung and Micromax that have been manufacturing these devices on large scale for the past few years and making them available to the common masses within a flexible range.

Why Be Responsive

With these mobile phones flocking everywhere, it has become almost mandatory for making websites responsive in nature. Today, a person uses smart phone for every purpose starting from looking at the updates on social networking sites to shopping on the internet. A poor Mobil experience can create disastrous affect upon your online business. You can lose out on viewers and consumers. This is the main reason why small business entrepreneurs will need to make the right changes to redesigning of their websites for grabbing the mobile users.

Advantages of Receptiveness

Responsive web designing considers the points that make a difference in the display of a 9 inch screen and a 27 inch screen. The key advantages of having a responsive website is that the content of the web page gets to be displayed in different platforms, whether it is tablet PC or desktop or small smart phone display screen and there is no need for redefining and redesigning the content quality after creation.. With responsive websites, the users get to achieve the same experience without any difference. Through complementary services, it also enhances the overall marketing opportunities.

Expert’s Views

It is very essential to make an effective plan before you go on with a responsive website project.  Try to analyze the needs of your customers and try to chalk out a detailed perception about effects of the responsive design upon the content of the website. According to Ben McKeown, who is also one of the lead designers in renowned digital marketing agency has to say, “There are certainly exceptions to using responsive design, but, for the vast majority of small businesses, responsive design is going to be the most cost-effective, future-proof and efficient way of ensuring your site can be viewed on all devices and platforms.”

David Wynne has pointed out that “Responsive web design isn’t just about making your site look good on an iPhone or iPad, it’s about providing a consistent cross-device experience for users, and future proofing so that your product will adapt with technological developments.” Now, many people also face problems with responsive designing, when they don’t get to understand the means through which the end user will be accessing the created content. It is very necessary to assess all the important details of a website, for instance the text, the images and the smallest of elements and how together they will be viewed at different screens.


Now, it has become all the more necessary for different small businesses to appoint and employ responsiveness to their websites for achieving maximum of viewer base. Research is a key component for businesses and it is essential that effective researches are conducted before having responsive website.

According to Simon Whatley, “Businesses of all sizes need to carry out research. They need to understand not only the business goals, but more importantly, the goals of the user and context of use. Only then can you produce something that meets those priorities.”

Summary: Responsive web designing is essential for acquiring the attention of online users. A business sale can achieve boost through effective responsive website solutions.

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