Features and applications of 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner

The 232-ATSC+1 high definition television tuner from the Contemporary Research boasts all of the features similar to that of as its earlier version 232-ATSC+, but you can now connect two units alongside in one frame. This turner tunes Advanced Television Systems Committee off-air, clear Quadrature amplitude modulation cable, and analog channels. In addition, the novel sleek low profile of the 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner it is very energy efficient as well, and it can mechanically display encrypted channels too while examination. You can take pleasure in the finer quality off-air high definition television and multi-channel relays by means of the 232-ATSC+1 tuner.

HD TV tuner

Description of 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner
The 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner contains control options such as USB and IR, Ethernet, RS-232, and distantly from a committed Web page. Installation of this tuner can be done effortlessly through the text menus of the tuners screened on the front-panel liquid crystal display. The tuner shows the broadcasts in the course of the National Television System Committee (NTSC) and High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) composite videos at the same time, and can even change between Component outputs. Permanent audio is also accessible from optical, and coax ports, and Dolby 5.1/PCM digital HDMI, as variable-stage analog stereo acoustic outputs.

This tuner is an integrator-affable one, which is being controlled by two-way RS-232, irregular, and Internet Protocol commands. An onboard network page facilitates distant Web control. The installation process of the tuner is made easy through the latest menu-driven exhibit. A front-section USB port constructs firmware renewals a snap. The fresh condensed enclosure permits fixing of two numbers of tuners in a single frame.

The 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner is a universal product that can obtain both digital and analog channels, in Association of TeleServices International, National Television System Committee, and clear Quadrature amplitude modulation formats. By making use of a discretionary RF switcher, the tuner can change between Cable and Antenna feeds.

Features of 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner
The following are the attractive features of a 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner.

·         It activates HDMI and combined video, in addition to stereo and digital coaxial and TOSlink optical auditory ports.
·         It tunes both the digital and analog channels in NTSC, ATSC, and lucid QAM formats
·         Switching of component outputs can be done from RS-232 control or front-panel settings
·         Installation is effortless by means of onscreen menus
·         Permanent audio is accessible from optical, and coax ports, and Dolby 5.1/PCM digital HDMI, as variable-stage analog stereo acoustic outputs.
·         The tuner is compatible with the double Air and Cable tuning with a discretionary RF switch
·         Inner scale exhibits all channels at the chosen resolution
·         Digital and analog closed captioning
·         Two tuners can be accommodated in a single rack

Specifications of 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner
The following is the specification of the 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner.
·         HD2-RC IR distant, switching power supply
·         The tuner carries a warranty of two years
·         Web page for remote setup and control
·         Complete ASCII both-way RS-232 and discrete IR commands
·         Available with Creston, AMX, and RTI modules
·         RS-232 can be daisy-attached to control a maximum of nine tuners from a solitary RS-232 port, or control any amount of tuners through the Internet Protocol
·         The field can be updated for power and high definition processing firmware through USB port
·         Design according to the condition of Use of Hazardous Substances and California energy-saving standards

Applications of 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner
The 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner can be used in,
·         Classrooms
·         Boardrooms
·         Training centers
·         Command and control centers
·         Broadcast testing

This tuner will make your system work flawlessly and offers an excellent performance.