The Effectiveness of Point of Sale Systems


Restaurants are among the top users of point of sale systems among all types of businesses today. Restaurant point of sale systems are perfectly designed to comprehensively handle all the transaction processing operations in restaurants. They manage transactions and store critical data that is very helpful in tracking all the operations within the business.

In the last century, restaurant managers and employees used cash registers for their transactions. The money was stored in steel boxes and the records were manually prepared on ledger books. Although this set up was fast compared to the pre-existent transaction managing systems, it had its fair share of limitations. To begin with, it was hard generating the stored records. Secondly, following up on the transaction errors was not easy since it involved going through many records.

Soon thereafter, bar code reader point of sale systems were introduced. Unfortunately for restaurants, these systems were only ideal for retail businesses. They were faster than the cash registers since the data could be quickly generated from the bar codes of the items purchased. Restaurants still used the cash registers until technology facilitated the introduction of wireless computer networks point of sale systems. These systems involved different computers being networked through wireless technology, which allowed restaurant workers to process payments even at their customers’ tables. The waiters and waitresses could easily accept credit card and cash payments at the tables and complete the transaction without having to go all the way to the counters.

This system gave rise to the iPad point of sale systems which are widely being used today. Restaurants use iPads because of their effectiveness and efficiency in handling the customer transaction processing. The iPads are networked with the central computers which facilitate real time processing and updating of the transaction records.

One of the prime benefits of this system is portability. Waiters and waitresses can easily carry their iPads around and access the central system resources remotely. They can generate records and process new payments without walking around to the counters. Additionally, the systems facilitate remote invoicing and credit card transaction processing.

Tracking and mitigating errors has also become incredibly easy with the iPad systems. When numbers do not seem to add up, managers can easily countercheck everything through the system and track the errors. In most cases, the errors are done by individual employees who can be tracked through the system and requested to mitigate.

One of the prime concerns of restaurant owners is running their businesses in absentia. Most of the owners are required to make occasional trips to their restaurants to ensure that everything is running okay. With the iPad systems however, one can efficaciously check on and manage his/her business in absentia. Business owners largely take advantage of the real time recording feature. They can also transfer funds between the banks and restaurants without making a physical trip to any of them. Therefore, the restaurant point of sale systems have not only proven to be reliable and effective to workers and managers alone, but to also restaurant owners.

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