OsoMount U-Grip EX and Dash Grip Review

IMG_7413Oso has many different mounts to choose from and their mounts work with many smartphones and some other devices. The U-Grip EX and Dash Grip are similar in functionality and design but still has some unique features that set them apart. The U-Grip EX retails for $29.99 and the Dash Grip retails for $26.99 and you can pick them up on Oso’s website and the U-Grip EX on Amazon. The OsoMounts were sent out for review.

U-Grip EX

The EX comes with two different attachments. There is the on-the-dashboard mount and an over-the-dashboard mount, which attaches to the base/ suction cup part. Both work with the universal phone mounting portion. I mainly use the on-the-dashboard mount because it is the style that I like compared to the over-the-dashboard mount that gets in the way of my car’s A/C and heating buttons and knobs. But some people prefer the over-the-dashboard mount because it does not hinder their vision or distract them like the other mount does. The EX has solid build quality and does not feel like it will fall apart any time soon. It has a nice red accent color that is subtle but still stands out against the rest of the body that is black. The suction cup is strong and holds the mount to the surface well. One can wash the suction cup off with water if too much dust and debris gets on the suction cup and causes it to decrease in stickiness. The mount is simple to use and features a spring-like mechanism for holding the phone in place or taking the phone out of the mount. The rubber portions that hold the phone in place is made of high quality material.

Dash Grip

The Dash Grip only comes with the clamp mechanism to attach one’s device to the mount, which is an on-the-dashboard mount. This mount is made with quality material and is also accented with a bit of red. The red accents are featured on the rubberized contact points inside the clamp where the phone will rest. The suction cup is the same one used in the EX so it is also strong and adheres the mount to the surface well. The clamp is manually opened by the user so the user must open the mount with one hand and place the phone in the mount with the other hand, but the process is fairly simple.

Functionality/ Features/ Etc.

Both the EX and Dash Grip allow the user to mount his/her phone in landscape or portrait mode and at various angles so the user can find the perfect position for his/her device. They keep the phone fairly stable while in the mount so one does not have to worry too much about the phone when on the road. I find the EX is better with stability than the Dash Grip because the phone is flush against the mount with more contact points.

They can be used in numerous ways such as for mounting one’s device in the car, on one’s desk, on one’s bedside table, as well as other locations. The mount needs to be mounted on a flat surface that will adhere to the suction cup so there are many possibilities. I mainly use the EX in the car for GPS purposes and keep the Dash Grip on my desk to mount my phone. Both mounts can be used to Face Time, make Skype calls, record memos, play music, and just display the phone.


Overall, I enjoyed using both mounts because I can use them in various ways and they both work well at their jobs. Both are built well and I have had no issue with either one. I would recommend the EX to those looking for the ability to choose between over and on-the-dashboard mounts and increased stability and would recommend the Dash Grip for those looking for a mount for their device and are fine with on-the-dashboard mounting.