What Should Be Done With The Empty Toner Cartridges?


Many of us are a part of such organizations and businesses where hundreds and hundreds of documents are printed each day and when the printers run out of toner, they are disposed at the end of the day. If you see this being done at offices then you would probably do it at home too. Whenever the toner cartridges are empty, we throw them away without giving a second thought. Before throwing away these cartridges, think of what can be done with them. If you cannot think of anything then here are some things which can be done with these empty toner cartridges despite of just throwing them away.

Get them refilled

We all know how much expensive the ink cartridges can be.  But do you know that the empty ones can be refilled? Toner cartridge refilling is a task that can also be done at home too. The ink cartridge refilling kits are available now. They can allow you to refill the empty cartridges at the comfort of your own home. This can save you a lot of money.  These refilling kits can allow you to refill your ink cartridges at home 5 to 10 times. But you have to handle it tactically because refilling is not every one’s cup of tea. Here are some useful steps that will help you in refilling:

  • Buy such toner kits that have packaged toner bottles and a soldering iron for making a hole and cutting the tip. Some of the cartridges can be refilled easily by just unplugging and pouring.  There are such cartridges too that are not easy to refill. HP and Canon cartridges are one of them.  Soldering iron will be required for creating a hole in the cartridge and in order to remove the plug, pliers will be required. People, hence, prefer to purchase new cartridges instead of refilling such tough ones.
  • When refilling, shake the bottle of the toner well. This will make the flow quick and you will just have to pour it in quickly.  You will have to create a hole in the cartridges to pour the toner powder in.This task requires a lot of care because while powering, sometimes, air spaces are left inside.
  • When you are done with refilling, you have to be careful that you wipe the extra bit of toner powder spilled outside the hole. Next, youwill have to seal the hole with rubber or plastic grommet. This will prevent leakage. The toner refilling kit should come with a tightly fitted seal because only that’s the way you are going to seal it properly.

Recycle the cartridges

If you don’t want to refill the cartridges yourself then there are ink cartridge refilling stations available that can refill the ink cartridges for you.  Some people think that ink available for refilling is not genuine and it will make their printer wear out.  If you don’t want to get the empty cartridges refilled then you can recycle them by delivering them to manufacturing company. They can give you money in return or provide discount on the brand new ink cartridges you purchase.  The remanufactured ink cartridges are also useful. They are less costly but their quality is not poor. They are made from the empty ink cartridges and they are even tested for quality.

Start a business of recycling

You can even start your own recycling agency and set up a home based business. You can distribute flyers in the neighborhood asking them to drop their empty cartridges at your place. You can even ask them to spread the word so that other people could also come to your place for dropping off the idle cartridges they had with them. There are a number of people, who want to get rid of the accumulated cartridges they have so they will love to drop them to your place.  You can even refill them and sell them to others. Similarly, those, who bring you the empty cartridges, can get them refilled at a discounted price. This will bring you profit.

Manage waste

Now the question is what to do with the ink cartridges that have been damaged or those that have already been recycled too many times. Do not dump them in the lands.  Empty ink cartridges can take 450 to 1000 years to decompose.  They can cause a number of other environmental damages.  There are many recycling companies that can even take the damaged cartridges. This will make you get rid of the waste without creating any waste.  These cartridges can create such waste that can be damaging for not just human beings but also plants and animals.  They also waste a lot of energy resources which can be saved by recycling. Cartridgediscount.co.uk can provide you discount on the ink cartridges. You can show the empty ones and get the new ones.

  • Kevin Kane

    If you have any empty OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) toner cartridges, please contact me at kkane@lmisolutions.com. We will collect all empty cartridges and even pay for any ones that can be reused. In addition, anything that cannot be reused will go through our zero landfill recycling process. This stops empty toner cartridges from ending up in landfills and our process is easy for you to manage. I will send you boxes to fill and cover the cost of shipping. You simple attached the provided shipping label and request a pick-up. Together we can make a small dent in E-waste that ends up in landfills. Great Article!