Your Web Presence – Taking Care of the Little Details Is Important

I have spent a large part of my working life as a software tester, most recently for a large university. Part of the work that I did involved web testing, looking at changes and upgrades made to the institution’s website to ensure that they worked properly. It was while we were looking at this that it became obvious that many companies and businesses really do not think about the bigger picture when they are designing a website. As a local business in Cornwall, this is really something that you should take into consideration.


In a Rush to Get Something out There

A business’ desire to have something ”out there” that people can visit sometimes seems to overwhelm the need to get it right. The amount of times that I have seen a site with functionality issues or even spelling mistakes go live is unreal. What people seem to forget is that, while it is great having a site that people can visit – if they do and it is full of bad-quality content and difficult to navigate, then they will not come back and will leave with a bad opinion of the business. It’s a little bit like the way that people form an opinion of someone after the first minute of meeting them. Make sure your website pulls people in, not pushes them away.


Consider the Audience

Always remember to appeal to the most people possible. Businesses in Cornwall that have taken the time to pay attention to their website and have designed a site to meet the needs of their customers see instant rewards. Take, for example, the new website launched by T-shirt printing company Saints Screen Print Co. Ltd. in Falmouth this month, which enables its customers to customise their orders and display their own branded items in a showcase – allowing their staff to purchase their own company-branded clothes. It has benefited both customers and the company by making processes more efficient and the ordering process more fun and relevant for the client. Local businesses in and around Cornwall can take inspiration from this and look to improve their websites by thinking about the actual purpose behind it. There is always advice on hand regarding website design in Cornwall. Talk to local people who support your business and do your research. It is certainly great to have impressive functionality that works through a plug-in, for example, but if that plug-in only works on certain browsers, you are not going to get people who do not use that browser to install a new one just to look at your website. Do not limit yourself when you really do not have to. Taking into consideration things like accessibility is another way to reach extra people. Make sure that you do not use red and green text, as these are the most common colours not seen by colour-blind people, and always add an alternative label to images to assist searches by visually impaired visitors.


Don’t Stay in the Past

When testing websites, we would often have to insist on doing additional tests on mobile devices as, surprisingly, the customer (especially in the early days of mobile devices) did not see the point. There have been many times when a site we have been testing worked perfectly on a desktop or laptop but not on an iPad or other mobile device. Never assume that just because it works on one type of technology, it will automatically look or work the same on another. Even between different versions of a device, there can be a noticeable difference. Always cater to mobile device testing when you are releasing a new website, especially if it contains content like videos or interactive buttons. Those tourism apps that show you where to go in and around Cornwall really are no good if they do not work on the devices people are using.


So put some thought into that website. Don’t make assumptions, and always get someone to check that it works properly before you go live with it. Contact a company like Spring Media Design who can offer their expertise. Your website should be a little bit of you, so make sure that it shows you off in the best way possible.