Restore the Quality to your Calls


The telecommunications market is so competitive precisely because everyone needs a telephone. It is reassuring that you can pick up the phone and call anytime you want for whatever reason.  The problem is that others may not be using the phone for such important things. You should be able to choose whom you want to talk to.

Nice to hear from you

Everyone is happy to hear from old friends. The telephone is such a valuable link in keeping people in touch, especially those that live far away. Email is one thing and certainly has been a great development for making contact with people, anything from a short message to providing interesting information. However, it is not quite the same as hearing someone’s voice for a chat.

It is partly a generation thing, perhaps with youngsters generally more comfortable with the devices they can put in their pockets. Texts and the social media have become their main way to communicate even to the extent that in company they still are constantly using their technology to keep in touch with others. However, there is certainly an argument that it is fairly impersonal.

Not wanted

If you settle down at night with the television and the phone rings, your first reaction should be pleasure at the prospect of speaking to a friend or member of the family. All too frequently though the caller is likely to be someone that has got hold of your number and is ringing to try to sell you something.

You may simply decline to talk and terminate the call but it is still upsetting to think your number is being held by such organisations that can bother you at any time. You should think seriously about contacting someone like Group Utilities to see what can be done to stop such calls from happening again.


It is possible to block unwanted numbers if you like; you will need to register the details of your family and friends so that they can get through first time. Different blocking systems have different procedures but it is worth the effort for minimal inconvenience to put a barrier between you and unwanted callers. Anyone that is withholding their number from you is doing so for a reason. That reason is generally that you will have little interest in answering if you know who is calling.

Unfortunately, ignoring a call is not the end of the problem. Automatic redialling technology may mean that the ringing will cease, for now, but you will be disturbed once again by a call a little later where no one has answered.

Your telephone should be a positive link between you and the people you want to talk to or the people who can help in the case of emergency. It need be nothing more, and blocking out strangers is something to look at as a matter of urgency.