Mobiles Apps A Trend in Home Security, a Research on Tech-Enhanced Security


Before the tech revolution, one of the common questions of every homeowner would ask as they leave their homes would be “Did I lock the door?” With the creation of easy-to-use apps, it is easier to know the state of your home for a peace of mind.

With the advancement of technology, many new ways are made to keep your home and family safe. Not only are you able to monitor your home, you also have the option to determine if the threat is serious or not. You can also check if your windows or doors are locked just by accessing your mobile device and a message will tell you if you’ve locked them or not. This is just one of the many benefits one can get in a technologically-wired home.

With the latest home security technology, you can control the locks on your home, receive alerts or notifications, manage your energy consumption and even watch a real-time video of your property wherever you may be. These new apps when combined with an easy-to-use mobile interface can help users have an easy and effective home security platform.

This security system is also applicable in protecting your workplace or an office building. It can help monitor suspicious activities. It can be designed to monitor unauthorized access in restricted areas, suspicious movement in the inventory, and offer protective voice response options. Not only are you able to monitor your workplace, you can also check if there is a serious breach of security.

As stated by Home Safety Research, one of the popular aspects of mobile security is fire safety. According to a California Fire News article from Oct. 20, 2010, “over 3000 people in the U.S. perish each year in home fires” and “nearly 75 percent of all U.S. homes have at least one working smoke alarm.”

The home safety and security specialists at Home Safety Research confirmed that having only a smoke detector although it is operational may not be enough to prevent the dangers it will bring to your property and people in it. They also stated that those who have hearing problems, reduced ability to smell, or those who can’t freely move without assistance can prevent them from safely getting out of the building, even after a smoke alarm has sounded.

A fire system along with the latest technology can not only provide warning to the occupant, it can also offer real-time confirmation that a notification has reached the fire department who will then immediately respond to the fire. This service is sure to become more popular as the baby boom generation ages and their families look for efficient ways to have a safer home with the help of technology.

Many new improvements in home and commercial security are constantly being discovered as entrepreneurs try to think of more ways to create a better and efficient security system. Before long instead of people asking themselves if they have locked the door, they would just access their apps and check if their home is fine.

Contributor Profile: Published with permission and written in behalf of AUCOM Video Surveillance Systems.