Reasons to Have a Good design for Mobile Friendly Website


As today’s people are more becoming mobile and gadget centric, they are using mobile devices to access internet.  They Google for things by using their mobile and visit their favorite website. Tablet devices like iPhone, iPad, Samsung Tab etc have brought a revolution in the mobile internet world. The craze for mobile internet has been found even in the urban part of the world.

In this mobile internet age, website owners have found a good reason to develop their website making compatible with the mobile devices. There are some technical differences between a mobile website and the websites generally made for computer and laptops. Actually the user interface is different between mobile device and a computer. Hence, it is important that you design two different versions of your website i.e. mobile website and normal website.

Following are four reasons why you need a mobile web site design for your business:

Screen Size is Different: As mentioned earlier the screen size is quite different in terms of the mobile and computer. Smartphone’s have much smaller screen than the computer and laptops have. There is a huge difference in the resolution too.

Generally, the resolution is 1280X1024 on the computer, on the other hand mobile and smartphones possess a resolution 480X320. This is the reason why most of the website finds it difficult to become compatible on the mobile screen. In addition, the zoom in, zoom out, and the scroll up and scroll down function will be frustrating in mobile. You may even find it difficult to simply scroll down the website content.

Another problem is that you frequently press the wrong link and have to struggle back to navigate the home screen and try again. This is where the requirement of mobile website is entertained. A website, specifically designed for the mobile device will improve the customer interface and experience and as a result will increase conversion rate.

Speed: It is true that a mobile friendly web site design cannot generate the loading speed that we usually have on the computer. However, it is necessary that the web designers would fix the loading time issue and make the site easily compatible with mobile. Unless the mobile site will load quickly it will surely lose a number of visitors. A site that takes more than 10-15 seconds to load will lose 90% of its visitors in comparison to a competitor website. High browsing speed will not only regain your customers but also increases the chances of making them return on your site.

Pricing and Profitability: According to the researchers, almost $1.5 billion was spent in the previous years for buying products through cell phones and gadgets. Today, with 95% of adults using mobile device to purchase products, the need for designing a mobile friendly website is increasing day by day. You know that the main aim of any business is to make money and you can only make this possible by having a strong customer base. The mobile friendly website should be attractive enough to engage the visitors and convert them into sales.

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