Advice on Landing Page Design Requirements to Boost Conversions

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The contribution of inbound marketing in the popularity of internet business in the past few years cannot be denied. This is a rather new strategy adopted by many businesses that operate online and they have already come to realize the importance of a well presented website backed by impressive landing pages. The key to designing a useful website to generate sales depends on two major factors, support margin generation drive and evaluate the website traffic.

Important Design Requirements of Landing Pages

  • Building the landing page in a SEO friendly manner is crucial in determining whether the business website can ensure customer loyalty and eventually lead to a purchase decision. Landing page design should be able to attract new customers for site browsing.
  • Since landing pages are the preliminary step to turn a lead into a sale, the design should be able to make the customer make a move. The move can be as simple as a  call, entering contact information or registering for a free trial

There are mainly two types of landing pages businesses can benefit from, namely reference and transactional landing pages. A reference landing page, as the name suggests, target on delivering reference product information, for example a product summary to the potential customer. On the other hand, a transactional landing page focuses stimulating the potential customer to provide contact information by concealing information till the contact details are entered. A client who enters contact details is marked as interested. Understanding of these two elements and designing of a custom landing page helps business growth considerably.

Landing pages can be leveraged in a variety of ways to market and benefit the business website, such as:

  • Modification of Marketing Channels:In order to impact the business goal directly, landing pages can be designed to flatter the specific business purpose or product. The business objective can be achieved through actions that impact brand value, such as getting prospective clients to sign up, share or subscribe, enter their email address etc.
  • Fill out Visitor Information:Improvement of landing pages with agile information forms for visitors, businesses can identify the factors that affect the preferences of their customers, such as social choices and demographic characteristics.
  • Advertisements and Marketing: With the help of properly designed landing pages, the effectiveness of the marketing efforts can be measured correctly. Landing page advertisement advantages include better scope for testing and imagination, spontaneous results, improved clicking rates etc.
  • Anticipation Build Up: Marketing of new product launch can be promoted with a countdown or coming soon style landing page. In order to create a landing page with such simple specifications, only basic programming skills and prebuilt templates and themes are required.
  • A/B Testing: Parallel test run of a number of landing pages with various content specifications can be done to determine which style performs the most. Some of the features applicable for the testing include purchase obstruction reduction, choice between video and high resolution pictures, various copywriting designs, click rate improvement.
  • Visual Tracking System:The vision tracking technology, if applied to landing page designs, can show the business exactly which sections of the webpage do visitors spend most of the time and where they actually click. Based on the vision tracking test runs, the necessary modifications to the landing pages can be made and convert missed conversions into potential lead generation.
  • Color Schemes: The role of color acting on human psychology is a proven fact. Irrespective of whether the color establishes a feel of trust or temps an impulse buying decision,a A/B testing on color choice can make considerable difference.

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