Buying Antivirus Software – Finding the best one


Computers have become such an integral part of daily life that people and organizations wouldn’t be able to function. With all kinds of information being exchanged in cyberspace, it is important for organizations and individuals to ensure that they take precautions to ensure that identity theft, misappropriation of critical information etc. doesn’t happen.  Even though software makers ensure that there are firewalls built in, hackers find innovative ways to get sensitive information.  

For those who are skeptical about the need for best antivirus software, here are reasons why people should buy and install a good program.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that people who don’t use blocking programs will pick up viruses when they use the Internet.  Often times, even when one takes all the precautions like not opening attachments or unfamiliar emails, threats are not easily recognized.

How to find the right software:

  • Buy vs. Free: There are quite a few good and free programs which protect computers against malware.  It is just a question of checking the reviews and trying out programs to see which one suits the needs best.  It pays to check if the software is rated by the organization called  It pays to remember that free software usually means that it is fairly basic and the complete version can be purchased.
  • Built in malware: Some companies offer software which take a novel approach – they identify information gathered by networks and provide a shield against threats.
  • When to pay: Buying the best antivirus software will depend on one’s needs and preferences. Commercial software products offer advanced and supplemental threat detection methods like sending information received by questionable sites to isolated files to prevent damage.  Check to see what kinds of features are offered and pick based on needs.
  • Macs and Linux based systems: It is true that Macs are less susceptible to malware attacks but there are tools that do offer protection.  The same applies to Linux systems and specific programs are available for installation and use.

Additional Information to consider:                             

  • Regardless of the software chosen, users ought to be aware that none of them guarantee 100% effectiveness.  It is best to pick and use a particular program as it results in fewer problems.
  • People should also be aware that there are rogue programs known as scareware and work by warning about non-existent problems and offer alternatives.  It is best not to use unsolicited programs at any cost as the damage could be beyond repair.
  • Make sure to stay current with updates from third party applications like Adobe’s Flash and Acrobat Software as well as Java so that vulnerabilities are patched.  There are free as well as paid programs which do scans and pinpoint problem areas which can then be fixed.
  • Running regular scans is also important to ensure that free software is working as intended and invest in the full-fledged version of any chosen program so that data is safe.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best antivirus software today!