Magento Developers and the various platform features


When it comes to ecommerce you can’t really begin to research web development without coming across the term Magento and numerous developers that have chosen this particular software as their platform of choice. It is a professional solution that offers great flexibility and control whilst giving both the merchants and the customers everything they could hope to experience from a quality online business and website. The best way to get to know an individual platform is with an overview of the features. From here, the next step is to get to know the software by yourself or search for a Magento developer who can help you to create a professional and effective ecommerce solution.


The merchandising suite is all about the products and ensuring the customers are able to see the products most relevant to them. Cross-sell and up-sale features are included here as well as presenting customers with similar products and items that they may be interested in according to their behaviour and history.


As any Magento developer will know, marketing is key to a successful business and a well designed website is your most effective marketing tool. The marketing tools featured within this platform include promotions based on pre-set and adaptable rules, banners and contents that targets specific customers, product promotions featured in marketing and newsletter and email marketing integrated into the system with automated abilities.

Sales Boosters

Sales boosters are an excellent way to bump up your profit and should never be overlooked. A Magento developer will be able to integrate a number of features such as wish lists, gift certificates, automated email reminders and multi item discounts in order to help improve your bottom line.

Reports and Analytics

The user-friendly dashboard means that you can look at a glance at your entire sales process. Staying on track of every stage of the process allows you to identify problems or weak areas that can be fixed in order to improve performance. You can also receive some fairly in-depth analysis, again allowing you to know exactly what’s going on throughout the process.

Additional features

There are many other features that are integrated into the platform and perform crucial tasks, that all help to create a smooth and securely functioning ecommerce website or online store. Data encryptions and a secure payment bridge for example both keep the financial processes running safely and the enhanced CMS allows such features as multi currency and multi language sites.