The Dos and Don’ts of buying a new iPad case


When it comes to buying a case to protect your iPad, there are hundreds and thousands of different ones to choose from. With so many different styles available, it can be difficult knowing which will offer the best protection. Here we will explain some of the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of buying a new iPad case.

DO: Avoid bulky iPad cases

If you plan on taking your iPad to work or using it on commutes, you don’t want to choose a case that is going to make it heavier or more bulky. Although a case with pockets or room for your notepad make look more practical, you have to consider whether it is worth the extra space it is going to take up in your travel bag.

DON’T: Buy a cheap silicone case

Although silicone rubber cases may be more affordable than other iPad cases, this is down to the fact that they will not last as long. Over time you will notice that the case has lost its shape and no longer provides your iPad with a snug and secure fit. Silicone cases can also be a pain as they make it difficult for you to remove your iPad from your bag, as they tend to cause friction with other materials.

DO: Read iPad case reviews

Rather than simply going out and buying the first iPad cover you see, take the time to read other people’s reviews. That way you can get a better idea of the quality of specific iPad cases and the level of protection they offer. As well as reading reviews on technology blogs and websites, ask other people you know with iPads what case they would recommend using.

DON’T: Just buy one from the Apple store

Although the sales person will do their best to talk you into buying an Apple case from the Apple store for your iPad, do not feel pressured to do so. Apple stores only tend to stock a few iPad cases, limiting your choice and you will also find that they are quite pricey. It is much better to buy an iPad case online from another retailer, once you have researched the different types of iPad cases available.

DO: Think about how easy the case makes it to access your device

When choosing a cover for your iPad, it is important that it makes it easy for you to access your device. Although pouches look great, you have to completely pull your iPad out if you want to use it and then try and juggle the pouch whilst you slot it back into your bag. If you need to quickly access your iPad, a pouch is not a great choice. You may be better off choosing a flip case instead.

DON’T: Compromise on practicality for design

Although you do not want to carry your iPad around in an ugly case that you are embarrassed of, at the same time, you should not compromise on the practicality of a case just to own one with a cool design. Let’s face it – the iPad looks cool enough on its own! The only real reason we need to use a case is to keep it protected. If you have the choice between a case that is practical and a case that is stylish, choose the practical case. Though with so many different iPad cases to choose from, you should be able to find one that offers both practicality and style.


If you are in the market for a case for your iPad, don’t settle for the first one you find. Spend time looking at the different types available until you find a case that suits your needs and requirements best.