Introducing the BHW Conference


This conference is the only way to hear from so many successful people that have made their riches through marketing online at one time. The creators of this conference of brought together some amazing names which we will talk about below.

Diamond Damien is one of the main speakers that will be in attendance for this conference. He is scheduled to speak about online forms, his form, and what lies ahead for all of them. Diamond Damien has been involved with Internet marketing since the beginning and is now the owner of one of the best and most popular Internet marketing forums around, Along with speaking about the future of online forums, Diamond Damien will be present for some of the scheduled panel discussions throughout the weekend.,, the Huffington Post, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur magazine and USA Today have all featured articles about this next keynote speaker. Scott Stratten is a highly accomplished marketer and is the owner of UN marketing. He was recently named to be one of the five most influential people that are active in social media. He regularly teaches his clients how to create viral videos. He has spent time working as a professor in the business school of Sheridan College and has been successfully running his agency for over a decade. He speaks at large companies all around the world including the Red Cross, PepsiCo and others. He has authored best-selling books and has a lot of life lessons and advice that he has is on to his audience members during his speeches.

The New York Times, ABC news, Tech crunch and many other outlets have featured this next speaker. Jeremy Schumacher, better known as “Shoemoney”, has found success with online advertising since the early days of the internet. He has recently become an author, writing the book “nothing’s changed but my change: the shoemoney story”. After its release, it became a number one seller.

For the people that are able to attend this SEO Conference, you can be sure that the information that you receive through these 20+ speakers will be well worth the cost of admission. The advice and experiences that they have is not something that you can’t put a price on.

They have spared no expense collecting only the best people to speak at this conference. The ticket price reflects this, however, it is well worth it for the amount of information that you will get out of this. The cheapest tickets must be bought as a set of 10 for $999 each. Individual tickets will cost more. Individual tickets will start at $1,195. Tickets that include a full pass and accommodations will cost $1,495. If you cannot purchase your tickets on or before September, the price will hike up to $2,495 each. These late tickets will be available for purchase up until the event is over. There will be a processing fee charged to each ticket bought to this event.