6 Must Do Things for SEO Optimization on Bing

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Bing and Yahoo are now getting increasing attention from some parts of the world. They have 25% market share. Over the next several months further integration will occur over sharing their and further integration search functions.

If you have ignored the growing importance of Bing, you are doing wrong. Now it is the time to start looking at how to optimize website for Bing.  This post will let you know how to index occurs with Bing.

There is no doubt that Google is the leader search engine giant. It is a mature and sophisticated search engine. Google does an amazing job of indexing a wide variety of content. On the other hand Bing is still in its immature level. It has yet to develop some of its rich indexing capabilities, which exist with Google.

Given below are 6 significant ways for SEO Optimization on Bing

Decide Your Content Length

This is the most important thing that you must ensure. Your content must be longer than 300 words. According to SEO experts and web masters, Bing algorithms seem to have a higher value on content. The limit decided by its algorithm that is over 300 words. For a standard content on your blog posts, it must be at least 300. The upper will depend on your choice and draw a clear picture. For goo work on being you need longer web pages, blogs and longer articles.

On-Page Tips for Bing

Optimize your title tags as best as you can. Like Google you must optimize title tags with your relevant keywords. You should use unique tags for each page. If are doing this already for Google and Yahoo, keep it up. Bing really functions on title tags and pays special attention to them at the time of ranking and indexing your page. If you are not paying too much attention to them up until now, it is the right time to start.

Linking on Bing

Linking on Bing is always important in SEO and online marketing. Unlike Google, when web masters do SEO for Bing, pay special attention to building back links from highly relevant and high PR websites. Another important thing is that Bing likes outbound links and gives a bit more weight than the other search engines.

Page Size

When Google was in its infancy, it could not crawl any page below 100k.  As Google has become matured, it can crawl page size less than. Now page size is not an issue for the crawler.

Keyword Targeting

Bing’s FAQ page recommends that an SEO expert should not target more than two keywords per page. This is the thumb rule, which you should follow. Generally as web master you should try to target one main keyword with the other keywords, which you are trying to give good rant. Focus more on long-tail keyword including your main keyword.

Continue Good SEO Practices

SEO on Bing has some significant differences than Google, but one must follow good SEO practices on Bing.

Say for example:

You should Use H1 tags and text navigation links

Every time you should use keywords in your URL

There’s a bit controversy among experts. Some SEO experts believe that Bing gives more value on longevity. If your website is older, it will get more respect on Bing. On the other hand, other hand other sources say that the newer sites get more value on Bing.

These are the important tips which you must follow as SEO optimization for bing.

Author bio:  Alex Mattew is a professional web analytic and Google certified SEO export working at Zoom Web Media as a web analytic manager. He writes articles on tactics of search engine optimization on major search engine like Yahoo, Google and Bing.