10 Reasons to Accept Mobile Apps as the Future


Mobile revolution has come into the world long time ago and rang a death bell to landline telephones. Now it is time for mobile apps which will sweep the entire world and create an entirely new world and market.

It is accepted across the world that more and more people are joining the bandwagon of mobile internet users. A huge population has migrated from the world of desktops to smartphones. Internet usage through mobile phones has grown exponentially during the last few years and now there is no going back if one observes the current trends.

Let’s take a look at the 10 reasons why mobiles apps will rule the future world.

  1. Explosion of Smartphones: The number of smartphones or tablets has exceeded the number of desktops or laptops by quite a big margin. This growth shows the next best path to reach people is mobile and mobile apps definitely have a bigger pie of the market. So, internet usage via mobiles is growing and has already overtaken desktops in many parts of the world.
  2. Huge Market in Developing Countries: India and China are unarguable the most populous countries in the world with growing middle class consumers. The spending capital is huge and the number of people with mobiles in these two countries account for more than half of the entire world’s mobile population. Huge potential is awaiting and big businesses have already noticed it. This market is yet to be tapped.
  3. Faster Penetration: The penetration is faster through mobiles than any other medium. People always carry their mobile along with them. They are always looking at the updates using mobile. Newspapers are read using mobile apps and Television debates are being watched live on mobiles.
  4. Advertising Space: The advertising space is increasing shifting to mobiles from the billboards and televisions. Mobile apps are being launched at the drop of a hat to capture this market. There is a whole new space on the mobile web. People have started bidding for mobile advertising space.
  5. Revenue Generation: People are downloading and using mobile apps on a daily basis. The revenue generated by these mobile apps is huge. There are downloading costs, usage costs, and other associated costs. Once they are accustomed to particular apps, they hardly move to the next. People are buying and selling things using mobile apps. So accept the arrival of mobile apps into the picture as early as possible and concentrate on mobile application development. This will change the way businesses function in the current competitive world.
  6. Social Media: Recent developments also show how social media has moved from desktop to mobile. People have started sharing pictures, messages through mobile apps.
  7. People love easy life: Convenience matters. And mobile apps offer convenience. Everything is now in their hands. They do not need to find a desktop for managing things online.
  8. Financial Transactions: After the boom of mobile apps, more and more funds are being transferred using mobiles. Banks have launched mobile apps for the users. Shares are being traded using mobile apps.
  9. Games on the go: Games on mobiles are already a big hit. Mobile apps have just extended the popularity. In fact the games scenario will further be revolutionized.
  10. Mobile Marketing: Marketing trends are changing. Increasingly, businesses are concentrating on mobile marketing. In fact some of the products are launched and promoted through mobile apps.

Mobile apps are here to stay. Accept it and plan accordingly.

Author Box:

Alex Mathew is a gadget expert and loves to stay tuned with latest technological advancements. He also suggests choosing mobile application development as part of your passion which is a current rage all over the world.